Hugh Lane Gallery

Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane
Dánlann Chathair Bhaile Átha Cliath
Facade of the Hugh Lane Gallery
The Hugh Lane Gallery, in 2015
Hugh Lane Gallery is located in Central Dublin
Hugh Lane Gallery
Location within Central Dublin
Former name
Municipal Gallery of Modern Art
Established 1908
Location Charlemont House,
22 Parnell Square North, Dublin 1
Coordinates 53°21′15″N 6°15′53″W / 53.354167°N 6.264722°W / 53.354167; -6.264722Coordinates: 53°21′15″N 6°15′53″W / 53.354167°N 6.264722°W / 53.354167; -6.264722
Type art gallery
Founder Hugh Lane
Director Barbara Dawson
Chairperson Pat Molloy

The Hugh Lane Gallery, officially Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane and originally the Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, is an art gallery operated by Dublin City Council and its subsidiary the Hugh Lane Gallery Trust.[1] It is located in Charlemont House (built 1763) on Parnell Square, Dublin, Ireland.

Reconstruction of the Francis Bacon Studio at the Hugh Lane Gallery

The gallery was founded by Sir Hugh Lane on Harcourt Street on 20 January 1908, and is the first known public gallery of modern art in the world.[2] There is no admission fee and the gallery is completely wheelchair-accessible. The gallery was closed for reconstruction in 2004, and reopened in May 2006, with a new extension by Gilroy McMahon Architects.[3][4]

The museum has a permanent collection and hosts exhibitions, mostly by contemporary Irish artists. It has a dedicated Sean Scully room. Francis Bacon's studio was reconstructed in the gallery in 2001 after being dismantled and moved from London starting in 1998.[5][6]

The Hugh Lane is notable for its collection of French art, including works such as The Umbrellas (Les Parapluies) by Auguste Renoir;[7] Portrait of Eva Gonzalès by Édouard Manet [8], Jour d’Été by Berthe Morisot [9] and View of Louveciennes by Camille Pissarro.[10]

In 1992, the painting In The Omnibus by Honoré Daumier was stolen from the gallery, and recovered in 2014.[11]

Selected past exhibitions

Offside was a 2005 project in The Hugh Lane curated by Pallas Projects and included works by Albano Afonso, Antistrot, Anna Boyle, Rhona Byrne, Mark Cullen, Brian Duggan, John Dummet, Brendan Earley, Andreas Gefeller, Niamh McCann, Alex McCullagh, Nina McGowan, Nathaniel Mellors, Clive Murphy, Adriette Myburgh, Cris Neumann, Paul O’Neill, Garrett Phelan, Abigail Reynolds, Mark Titchner, Rich Streitmatter-Tran.[12]

Sleepwalkers (2012–15) curated by Michael Dempsey and Logan Sisley was a two-year project in which six artists (Clodagh Emoe, Lee Welch, Sean Lynch, Linda Quinlan, Jim Ricks, and Gavin Murphy) were invited to use the museum's resources, reveal their artistic process, and to collaborate with each other in this "unusual experiment in exhibition production".[13] This process culminated in each artist developing a solo exhibition at the Hugh Lane and a publication.[14]


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