Huronia (region)

Huronia is a geographic region of southern Ontario, Canada that largely corresponds to the counties of Simcoe and Grey. The name reflects that this land was the original settlement of the Huron Amerindian Nation south and west of Georgian Bay. The Hurons were so-named by the French settlers and missionaries who first interacted with them. The Hurons refer to themselves as the Wendat nation and their landbase, Huronia, was known to them as "Wendake". After long conflict with the Iroquois, the Wendat/Hurons were almost exterminated by the Iroquois. The expelled remainder of the nation settled in exile within the territory of their French allies in Quebec with others dispersed to the territories of the present day US Mid-west.[1]

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Coordinates: 44°41′13″N 79°55′52″W / 44.686962°N 79.931059°W / 44.686962; -79.931059

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