Ian Maddieson

Ian Maddieson
Born (1942-09-01) September 1, 1942 (age 79)
Watford, UK
Nationality British
Education Oxford University (BA), University of London (MA) University of California, Los Angeles (PhD)
Known for Phonetics, Phonological Typology
Scientific career
Fields Phonetics, Phonology, Linguistic typology
Institutions University of California at Berkeley, University of New Mexico, Santa Fe Institute
Website [1]

Ian Maddieson (born September 01, 1942 in Watford, United Kingdom[1]) is British-American linguist and professor emeritus of linguistics at the University of New Mexico, in the United States. He has served as Vice-President of the International Phonetic Association, and Secretary of the Association for Laboratory Phonology. Maddieson is best known for his work in phonetics, and phonological typology. He spent most of his academic career at the University of California, Berkeley, where he often collaborated with Peter Ladefoged in describing the patterns of speech sounds in the world's spoken languages.


  • Ladefoged, Peter; Maddieson, Ian (1996). The Sounds of the World's Languages. Oxford: Blackwell. ISBN 978-0-631-19815-4.
    • Based on data from about 400 languages, the book describes the known contrasting phonetic categories, the ways in which the phonemic sounds may differ in human languages.
  • Maddieson, Ian, Patterns of Sounds,
    • Cambridge University Press, 1984, ISBN 0-521-26536-3
    • Cambridge University Press, 2009, ISBN 0-521-11326-1
    • The book analyzes the frequencies and distributions of the phonemic sounds among languages. The results are based on UPSID (the UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database).


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