Altbachisches Archiv

Altbachisches Archiv, also Alt-Bachische Archiv (ABA, old-Bachian archive), is a collection of 17th-century vocal music, most of which was written by members of the Bach family.


Johann Ambrosius Bach, Johann Sebastian's father, supposedly started to collect compositions by his relatives. Johann Sebastian Bach's obituary starts with an overview of the composers whose works are contained in the Altbachisches Archiv. Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Johann Sebastian's son and co-author of his obituary, retained the collection and gave it its name. After his death the largest part of the collection came, via Georg Pölchau [de], in the possession of the Sing-Akademie zu Berlin. All nine motets of the Sing-Akademie's part of the ABA collection, including BWV 1164, at the time attributed to Johann Christoph Bach, were published in the early 1820s.[1]

The manuscripts of two compositions contained in the Sing-Akademie's part of the ABA collection were sold to the Royal Library in Berlin (later renamed as Berlin State Library): thus BNB I/B/11 and BWV 1164 were no longer in the Sing-Akademie's archives by the end of the 19th century.[2] In 1935 Max Schneider, recovering ABA manuscripts scattered in the Sing-Akademie's archive,[3] published a selection of these compositions, an edition which was reprinted in 1966.[4] ABA numbers derive from this publication in two volumes.[4] The original manuscripts of the Sing-Akademie's archive went lost during the Second World War,[5] only to be rediscovered in Ukraine in 1999, after which they were returned to the Sing-Akademie, which in turn deposited the recovered manuscripts in the Berlin State Library for conservation.[6][7]


Altbachisches Archiv
ABA BNB Composer Composition Genre Scoring BD
I, 1 I/An/11 Johannes Bach (Johann Michael Bach?) Sei nun wieder zufrieden [choralwiki; scores] motet (aria) SSAT+ATTB Bc 08736
I, 2 I/B/43 Johannes Bach (Johann Michael Bach?) Unser Leben ist ein Schatten [choralwiki; choralwiki; scores] motet SSATTB+ATB 08740
I, 3 I/An/12 Johannes Bach Weint nicht um meinen Tod [choralwiki] motet (aria) SATB 08741
I, 4 Johann Michael Bach? Unser Leben währet siebenzig Jahr [choralwiki] motet SATT Bc 08743
I, 5 I/B/39 Johann Michael Bach Das Blut Jesu Christi [choralwiki; scores] motet SATTB Cnt 3Tbn Bc 08744
I, 6 I/B/40 Johann Michael Bach Herr, wenn ich nur dich habe [choralwiki; scores] Geistliches Konzert (funeral motet, 14 November 1690) SATTB 08745
I, 7 I/B/41 Johann Michael Bach Ich weiß, dass mein Erlöser lebt [choralwiki; scores] Geistliches Konzert SATTB Bc 08748
I, 8 Johann Michael Bach Sei lieber Tag willkommen [choralwiki; scores] motet SSATTB Bc 08749
I, 9 I/B/42 Johann Michael Bach Nun hab' ich überwunden [choralwiki; scores] motet SATB+SATB Bc 08750
I, 10 Johann Michael Bach Halt, was du hast [choralwiki; scores] motet SATB+ATTB Bc 08864
I, 11 Johann Michael Bach Fürchtet euch nicht [choralwiki; scores] motet SATB+SATB Bc 08752
I, 12 Johann Michael Bach Herr, du lässest mich erfahren motet SATB+ATTB Bc 08756
I, 13 Johann Michael Bach Dem Menschen ist gesetzt einmal zu sterben motet SATB+ATTB Bc 08757
I, 14 Johann Michael Bach Herr, ich warte auf dein Heil motet SATB+SATB Bc 08758
I, 15 I/An/10 Adam Drese (not Heinrich Bach) Nun ist alles überwunden motet (aria) SATB 09090
I, 16 I/B/12 Johann Christoph Bach Es ist nun aus mit meinem Leben motet (aria) SATB Bc 08760
I, 17 I/B/16 Johann Christoph Bach Mit Weinen hebt sichs an [choralwiki] motet SATB Bc 08762
I, 18 Johann Christoph Bach Der Mensch, vom Weibe geboren [scores] motet SSATB Bc 08763
I, 19 Johann Christoph Bach Sei getreu bis in den Tod [choralwiki] motet SSATB Bc 08764
I, 20 I/B/10 Johann Christoph Bach Der Gerechte, ob er gleich [choralwiki; scores] motet (funeral, 1675) SATTB Bc 08850
II, 1 Heinrich Bach Ich danke dir, Gott church cantata (Trinity XVII) SSATB+SSATB 2Vl 2Va Bc 08787
II, 2 I/B/3 Georg Christoph Bach Siehe, wie fein und lieblich ist (after Ps. 133) church cantata / vocal concerto (birthday), 6 September 1689) ttb Vl 3Vdg Vne Org 08789
II, 3 Johann Michael Bach Es ist ein großer Gewinn church cantata (unknown occ.) s Vlp 3Vl Bc 08792
II, 4 I/B/37 Johann Michael Bach Ach, wie sehnlich wart' ich der Zeit [choralwiki] church cantata (unknown occ.) s 5Str Org 08794
II, 5 I/B/38 Johann Michael Bach Auf, lasst uns den Herren loben [scores] church cantata / Aria (unknown occ.) a 4Str Bc (Vne, Org) 08796
II, 6 Johann Michael Bach Liebster Jesu, hör mein Flehen [choralwiki] church cantata (Reminiscere) SATTB 2Vl 2Va Bc 08798
II, 7 Johann Michael Bach Ach bleib bei uns, Herr Jesu Christ church cantata (unknown occ.) SATB 2Vl 3Va Bc 08800
II, 8 I/An/9 Johann Michael Bach
(old attribution:
Johann Christoph Bach)
Die Furcht des Herren church cantata (new council) ssatbSATB 2Vl 2Va Bc 08802
II, 9 I/B/15 Johann Christoph Bach Meine Freundin, du bist schön [scores] church cantata (wedding) satbSATB Vl 3Va Bc 08804
deest I/B/9 Johann Christoph Bach? Ach, dass ich Wassers genug hätte [choralwiki; scores] church cantata / lamento (unknown occ.) a Vl 3Vdg Bc 09088
deest I/B/11 Johann Christoph Bach Es erhub sich ein Streit [scores] Geistliches Konzert satbbSATTB 4Tr Tmp Bss 2Vl 4Va Bc 08956
deest I/B/13 Johann Christoph Bach Herr, nun lässest du deinen Diener in Frieden fahren [choralwiki] motet SATB+SATB Bc 11049
deest I/B/14 Johann Christoph Bach Lieber Herre Gott, wecke uns auf [choralwiki; scores] motet SATB+SATB Wws Strs Bc 09092
deest I/B/17 Johann Christoph Bach Unsers Herzens Freude hat ein Ende [choralwiki] motet SATB+SATB Bc 09119
deest Johann Sebastian Bach
(Johann Christoph Bach?)
Ich lasse dich nicht, du segnest mich denn
(BWV 1164 = BWV Anh. 159)
motet SATB+SATB 01470
deest Johann Christoph Bach Fürchte dich nicht [choralwiki; scores] motet SATTB Bc 09850



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