Igloo Records

Igloo Records
Founded 1978 (1978)
Distributor(s) In Akustik (Germany), Discovery (UK), New Arts International & LC Music (Benelux), Naxos (Canada), Distrijazz (Spain), Socadisc (France), Jazz World (Hong Kong), Narrator (Hungary), Koshin, Flau & Marquee (Japan), Believe (digital)
Genre Jazz, world, experimental
Country of origin Belgium
Location Brussels
Official website www.igloorecords.be

Igloo Records is a record label run by Sowarex in Brussels, Belgium that concentrates on jazz and world music. Igloo is the best-known of five imprints run by Sowarex. According to one of its founders,[1] the label was developed when the local scene was enhanced by the arrival of American jazzmen that include JR Montrose and Chet Baker.

Together, the labels have released almost 300 CDs over a period spanning 40 years.


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