International Numismatic Council

International Numismatic Council
Established 1934; 87 years ago (1934)
Legal status Swiss association
Purpose International co-ordinating body for numismatists and related institutions
Michael Alram
Prof. Maria Caccamo Caltabiano and Prof. Pere Pau Ripollès
Formerly called
International Numismatic Commission

The International Numismatic Council (INC), formerly the International Numismatic Commission, is the international co-ordinating body set up to aid cooperation between numismatists and institutions within the field of numismatics, or related areas.[1] It is since 2015 officially registered as an association and has its headquarters in Winterthur, Switzerland, co-located with the M√ľnzkabinett und Antikensammlung der Stadt Winterthur.[2]


The body was founded in 1934 as the International Numismatic Commission, and became the International Numismatic Council in 2009. It has approximately 160 members from 38 countries. The Council's activities, which include the awarding of grants, patronage of research projects, and the organization of the International Numismatic Congress, are coordinated by a Committee of nine members. These members are elected by representatives of member institutions at the International Numismatic Congress. The INC also maintains a newsletter.[3]

The 15th International Numismatic Congress took place in Messina in Sicily from 21‚Äď25 September 2015.[4] The 16th Congress will take place in Warsaw, September 2021.

Notable people

Current members of the Committee are:

Former members:


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