Irish Confederate Wars

{{Infobox military conflict |conflict=Irish Confederate Wars or
Eleven Years' War |image=Wenceslaus Hollar – supposed Irish atrocities during the Rebellion of 1641.jpg |caption=Václav Hollar's engraving of supposed atrocities committed by Irish Catholics in the war of 1641 |partof=the Wars of the Three Kingdoms |date=October 1641 – April 1653
(11 years and 6 months) |place=Kingdom of Ireland |casus= |result=English Parliamentarian victory

  • Parliamentarian conquest of Ireland, defeat of the Royalists and crushing of Irish Catholic power.

|combatant1= Confederate Ireland
(allied with Royalists 1648–1650) |combatant2= Parliamentarians |combatant3= Royalists
(allied with Irish Confederates 1648–1650) |commander1=Owen Roe O'Neill
(in Ulster)
Viscount Tara
(in Leinster)
Garret Barry
(in Munster)
John Burke
(in Connacht) [[Richard O'Farrell (Irish Confederate)|Richard Farrell |commander2=Earl of Inchiquin
Michael Jones
Oliver Cromwell
Henry Ireton
(May 1650–Nov 1651)
Charles Fleetwood
(Nov 1651–Apr 1653)
Robert Monro
(Scottish Covenanter in support of Parliament 1642–48) |commander3=Duke of Ormonde
(1641–Dec 1650)
Marquess of Clanricarde
(Dec 1650–Apr 1653)
George Munro
(Scottish Covenanter in support of Royalists 1648–50) |strength1=60,000
(incl. guerrillas)
20,000 at any one time |strength2=10,000 soldiers
(before 1649)
30,000 soldiers (after 1649) |strength3=unknown |casualties1=25,000+ battlefield casualties
200,000+ civilians
(from war-related famine or disease)
12,000 transported to West Indies
(by 1660)[1] |casualties2=8,000 soldiers killed
(more killed from locally raised units) |casualties3=thousands of Scottish Covenanters killed