JAMA (Iranian Party)

The Liberation Movement of People of Iran
Revolutionary Movement of Muslim People of Iran
Abbreviation JAMA
Founder Kazem Sami
Habibollah Payman
Founded 1964[1]
Split from Party of the Iranian People[1]
Ideology Islamic Socialism
Iranian Nationalism
Religion Islam

JAMA (Persian: جاما‎, acronym originally standing for "The Liberation Movement of People of Iran";[1][2] Persian: جنبش آزادی‌بخش مردم ایران‎) was an Iranian political party founded in 1964 by Kazem Sami and Habibollah Payman. In summer 1965, members of the party which maintained an opposition status were arrested and it continued activities in small circles underground.[2]

In 1977, the leaders split. Payman founded Movement of Militant Muslims and Sami revived the organization with the same acronym, this time standing for "Revolutionary Movement of Muslim People of Iran" (Persian: جنبش انقلابی ملت مسلمان ایران‎).[2]


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