Jens Mansson in America

Jens Mansson in America
Directed by Bengt Janzon
Written by Bengt Janzon
Carl-Adam Nycop
Produced by Otto Scheutz
Starring Edvard Persson
Stig Olin
Mim Persson
Cinematography Bertil Palmgren
Mack Stengler
Edited by Gösta Bjurman
Music by Alvar Kraft
Release date
24 March 1947
Running time
101 minutes
Country Sweden
Language Swedish

Jens Mansson in America (Swedish: Jens Månsson i Amerika) is a 1947 Swedish comedy film directed by Bengt Janzon and starring Edvard Persson, Stig Olin and Mim Persson.[1]


  • Edvard Persson as Jens Månsson
  • Stig Olin as Johnny Andersson
  • Mim Persson as Mim
  • Bojan Westin as Marie-Louise
  • Sven Arvor as Lawyer
  • Bertil Berglund as County constable
  • Edvard Danielsson as Bank clerk
  • Berns De Reaux as Shoeshiner
  • Cecil B. DeMille as Himself
  • Erik Frank as Accordion player
  • Hortensia Hedström as Dorothy Smith
  • Kerstin Holmberg as Bank clerk
  • Björn Holmström as Detective
  • Einar Hylander as Consulate secretary in New York
  • Vincent Jonasson as Steward on Drottningholm
  • Eddy Justin as Servant
  • Virginia Kroog as Mary, Axel's housewife
  • Peder Lilliecreutz as General consuler
  • Ivar Lindahl as Swedish-American giving a ride
  • Valborg Ljungberg as Mrs. Nilsson - Jens' housemaid
  • Lorry Lorentzen as Custom official
  • Gösta Lycke as Parish constable
  • Verner Oakland as Harris
  • Otto Scheutz as Trucker giving Jens a ride
  • Per Sjöstrand as Policeman
  • Erik Söderman as Hand
  • Ernst Wellton as Policeman
  • Otto Wellton as Axel
  • Anna Westling-Leman as Stewardess
  • Carl-Johan Åbom as Consul in San Francisco



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