Joko Tingkir

Joko Tingkir, or sometimes written as Jaka Tingkir, is the founder and the first king of the Sultanate of Pajang. He ruled from 1549 to 1582. He is also known by the title of Sultan Hadiwijaya.


He was the son of Ki Ageng Pengging, born as Mas Karèbèt. When he was conceived, his father was having a wayang beber (shadow puppet) show performed by Ki Ageng Tingkir as the dalang. Both are the followers of Syekh Siti Jenar (the 10th saint of Java). Afterwards, unfortunately Ki Ageng Tingkir become sick and then died.

Ten years later, Ki Ageng Pengging was given capital punishment on the ground of rebellion against the Sultanate of Demak with Sunan Kudus as the executioner. After her husband's death, Nyai Ageng Pengging also fell ill and died. So, since then Mas Karèbèt was taken care by Nyai Ageng Tingkir, the widow of Ki Ageng Tingkir.

When he grew up, he became widely known as Jaka Tingkir. He followed the teaching of Sunan Kalijaga as well as Ki Ageng Sela. He was also considered to be related to the three grandsons of Ki Ageng Tingkir, Ki Juru Martani, Ki Ageng Pemanahan, and Ki Panjawi.


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