José E. Díaz

General José E. Díaz

José Eduvigis Díaz Vera (October 17, 1833 – February 7, 1867) was a celebrated Paraguayan general. Díaz was born in the town of Cerro Verá east of Pirayú in the department of Paraguarí. His parents were named Juan Andrés Díaz and Dolores Vera.

General José E. Díaz.

In 1852 he joined the militia and later led Battalion #40 of the police. He became the police chief in Asunción and first distinguished himself on raids across the Río Paraná at Corrientes in the spring of 1866 during the Paraguayan War. Díaz was the hero of the September 22, 1866 battle of Curupaity, leading a humiliating rout of the allied forces.

Barely four months later, however, on 26 Jan. 1867, a Brazilian shell exploded over Gen Diaz's canoe while he was fishing in the River Paraguay, outside the camp at Curupayti. President Francisco Solano López visited the wounded Diaz every day. Diaz's leg was amputated by doctors, but he still died on 7 Feb. 1867.[1]:69

In addition to the battle of Curupaity, Díaz participated in the battles of Corrales, Estero Bellaco, and Tuyutí (in which he commanded Paraguay against the combined allied forces), Boquerón, and Sauce.

After his death, his coffin was brought to Asunción, where the town accompanied it to its resting place in the Recoleta neighborhood. In 1939, Díaz's remains were deposited in an urn in the Pantheon of Heroes, along with the remains of Carlos Antonio López.


Paraguay's highway Ruta 4 is named after him.[2] He appears on the 100 Guaraní coin.