Journal of the International Phonetic Association

Journal of the International Phonetic Association
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The first issue of The Phonetic Teacher
Discipline Phonetics, phonology
Language English
Edited by Marija Tabain /təˈbn/ (2020)
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Former name(s)
  • Le Maître Phonétique
  • The Phonetic Teacher
History 1886–present
Frequency Triannually
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ISO 4 J. Int. Phon. Assoc.
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ISSN 0025-1003 (print)
1475-3502 (web)
LCCN 74648541
OCLC no. 474783413

The Journal of the International Phonetic Association (JIPA, /ˈpə/[1]) is a peer-reviewed academic journal that appears three times a year. It is published by Cambridge University Press on behalf of the International Phonetic Association. It was established as Dhi Fonètik Tîtcer ("The Phonetic Teacher") in 1886. In 1889, it was renamed Le Maître Phonétique and French was designated as the Association's official language.[2] It was written entirely in the IPA, with its name being written accordingly as "lə mɛːtrə fɔnetik" and hence abbreviated "mf", until it obtained its current name and English became the official language again in 1971.[3][2] It covers topics in phonetics and applied phonetics such as speech therapy and voice recognition. The journal is abstracted and indexed in the MLA Bibliography.


(as dhi fonètik tîtcer)

(as ðə fɔnetik tîtcər)

  • 1887–1888 Paul Passy

(as lə mɛːtrə fɔnetik)

  • 1889-1914 Paul Passy
  • 1923– Paul Passy and Daniel Jones
  • –1949 Daniel Jones

(as Le Maître Phonétique)

(as JIPA)

  • 1971–1974 A. C. Gimson and John C. Wells
  • 1975-1985 John C. Wells
  • 1986–1989 Anthony Bladon
  • 1990 (ad hoc board)
  • 1990–1995 Ian Maddieson
  • 1996–1999 Martin Barry
  • 2000–2002? Peter Ladefoged
  • 2003?– John Esling (and co-editors?)
  • –2011 John Esling and Adrian P. Simpson
  • 2012–2014 Adrian P. Simpson
  • 2014–2015 Adrian P. Simpson and Amalia Arvaniti
  • 2016–2019 Amalia Arvaniti
  • 2019–present Marija Tabain


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