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Julian Pender Hume (born 3 March 1960) is an English palaeontologist, artist and writer who lives in Wickham, Hampshire. He was born in Ashford, Kent, and grew up in Portsmouth, England. He attended Crookhorn Comprehensive School between 1971 and 1976.[citation needed] His career began as an artist, specialising in the reconstruction of extinct species, after which he undertook a degree in palaeontology at the University of Portsmouth, followed by a PhD in the same subject, jointly hosted by the University of Portsmouth and the Natural History Museum, London and Tring. He has travelled extensively, working on fossil excavations, but his main area of research is the Mascarene Islands of Mauritius, Réunion, and Rodrigues, where in particular he has studied the history of the dodo (Raphus cucullatus).

He has contributed both scientifically and artistically to a large number of palaeontological papers, popular books and magazines, and has published a critically acclaimed book 'Lost Land of the Dodo,' coauthored with Anthony Cheke, on the subject of extinct Mascarene species.

His latest contribution, which includes his own artwork, is the second edition of the book entitled 'Extinct Birds', published in September 2017; the first edition was coauthored with Michael Walters and published February 2012.


His paintings of recently extinct species, especially birds, are a combination of art and science, with each painting reproduced in the most scientifically accurate way. His subjects include extinct species from islands around the world, especially the Hawaiian Islands and the Mascarenes. The dodo in particular has been illustrated on a number of occasions.


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Magazine articles

  • Hume J P (2009) The great Dodo dispute. BBC History 10 (3): 50–53.
  • Hume J P (2009) In search of the Dodo. Darwin 200 BBC Knowledge 4: 26–31.

Postage stamp issues

  • Hume J P (25 June 2007) Mauritius. The Dodo Raphus cucullatus. Set of four Rs 5; Rs 10; Rs 15; Rs 25; all showing classic images of the dodo from the last 400 years. Souvenir Sheet Rs 25 of Dodo in dry forest by J P Hume.
  • Hume J P (16 July 2009) Mauritius. Extinct Mauritian Giant Tortoises. Set of four Rs 5; Rs 10; Rs 15; Rs 25; all showing extinct giant tortoises of Mauritius and Rodrigues. Souvenir Sheet Rs 50 showing Rodrigues giant tortoises and the extinct blue rail.


Date Title Role Notes
2 October 2001 Extinct
UK Channel 4
Presenter/consultant Episode 1 (of 6): "The Dodo"
4 November 2001 The Dodo's Guide to Surviving Extinction
(as Dr Julian Hume)
A TV programme shown as part of a night of programming dedicated to extinction.
18 March 2010 Museum of Life
(as Dr Julian Hume)
A TV programme about scientific activities in the Natural History Museum, London.
All Creatures Great and Small Himself
A Museum in a Modern World Himself
September 2011 Museum Secrets
History (UK TV channel)
(as Dr Julian Hume)
Episode 5 (of 6): "The Dodo"

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