Justinian Tamusuza

Justinian Tamusuza (born 1951) is a Ugandan composer of contemporary classical music.

His music combines elements of traditional Ugandan music and Western music.[1] He is best known for his first string quartet, which was included by the Kronos Quartet on their 1992 CD Pieces of Africa, which contains music by seven African composers.[2] His music has also been performed by the Imani Winds.[3]

Tamusuza was born in Kibisi.[4] His early training was in Baganda traditional music. His early instructors included the Reverend Anthony Okelo and Kevin Volans at Queen's University Belfast in Belfast, Northern Ireland.[4] He received his doctorate in composition at Northwestern University, where he studied with Alan Stout.[5][4]

He has taught at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda,[1] as well as at Northwestern University.

His music is published by International Opus.[6]


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