Kartosuro (also spelled Kartasura) is an Indonesian subdistrict (Kecamatan) in the Sukoharjo Regency, Central Java. Kartosuro is a Surakarta's satellite city, and a junction of Surabaya-Solo-Yogyakarta and Solo-Semarang highway. It can be reached within minutes southward of Surakarta's International Airport of Adi Sumarmo.

Capital of Mataram 1680–1755

In the seventeenth century Kartosuro was the capital of the Sultanate of Mataram between 1680 and 1755. It is commonly referred to as the Kartasura era or period of the Mataram sultanate—it preceded the transfer to Surakarta by Pakubuwana II.

There were considerable problems for the sultanate in this era:


Remaining wall from the Kartasura palace

There are 2 palace sites, keraton of Kartosuro in the kelurahan of Kartosuro and keraton of Pajang's ruin in the kelurahan of Makamhaji.

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