Katsura Hashino

Katsura Hashino
Native name
橋野 桂
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Game director and producer
Notable work
Persona series
Title Director of Studio Zero
Term 1994–present

Katsura Hashino (Japanese: 橋野 桂) is a Japanese video game director and producer, best known for working on the Persona role-playing game series by Atlus. Inside the company, Hashino served as director of P-Studio, formed to help manage the Persona series, as well as Studio Zero, which he formed in 2017 to work on other styles of games.


Hashino made his debut as a director with the 1999 Dreamcast game, Maken X.[1] He has directed or produced over a dozen games in the Persona series.[2] In addition to Persona, Hashino was the director and producer on Catherine in 2013.[3] In 2017, Hashino formed a new internal division at Atlus called Studio Zero, beginning work on a new game titled Project Re Fantasy.[4][5]



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