Kim Min-kyo

Kim Min-kyo
김민교 정명옥 출연 순대국 강남구 청담동 맛집 청담 순대국 (식신로드 Gourmet Road) EP 150-1 (김민교) (13m 47s).jpg
Born (1974-04-15) April 15, 1974 (age 45)
Medium Theatre, Stand-up, Television
Nationality South Korean
Years active 1998-present
Genres Character, Sketch, Blue, Observational, Dramatic
Spouse Lee So Young
Notable works and roles Crew of Saturday Night Live Korea
Insolent Romance as Goo Bong-phil

Kim Min-kyo (Korean김민교, born April 15, 1974) is a South Korean actor and director. He is well known for a cast member ('crew') on the tvN entertainment show Saturday Night Live Korea.


He has been performing as a stage actor on several Korean theatre plays, mainly in Daehangno for 20 years, and also working as a movie actor since 1998.[1] On early 2012, after hard years as a relatively unknown actor, he was strongly requested by his Seoul Institute of the Arts superior Jang Jin, who served as the creative director of a brand-new live comic variety TV programme Saturday Night Live Korea. He eventually joined this programme and has been performing since May 2012. Furthermore, from the beginning of SNL Korea's 3rd season in latter of 2012, with mentorship by high-profile comedian Shin Dong-yup, his popularity has skyrocketed.[2] During the show, he played a series of unexpected sexual characters, which led its viewers to misapprehend him as an LGBT member. [3]

Currently, he serves both as a recurring stage director and actor of his works in South Korean arts circle, and considered as a de facto member of Jang Jin's Division (장진사단), alongside Kim Seul-gi, Go Kyung-pyo, Kwon Hyeok-su, and others.[4] He has also been coaching his fellow stage actors like Chae Dong-hyeon, Yoon Gyung-ho, and Seo Seong-min.[5] He admires Steven Chow as his role model, who numerously covers both comic and tragic acts.[6]

Insolent Romance

Prior to joining SNL Korea, he wrote and directed a Korean play called Want Night (달콤한 원나잇), which was later re-branded as Insolent Romance (발칙한 로맨스), a globally-successful Korean movie director Daniel Bong-phil Goo, who meets his first-ever loved female friend called Ma Soo-ji, who had married after he left to Hollywood of Los Angeles over a decade ago, which is not usually happened in Korean society but included Kim Min-kyo's own possible and imaginary situations.[7] During a winter season of 2012-2013, he acted a main character of this play, Goo Bong-phil (구봉필). This play has been co-worked with his Seoul Institute of the Arts colleague Kim Su-ro as his producer. Its commercial success in Daehangno led Kim Su-ro to make a series of launching authentic stage plays called Kim Su-ro Project (김수로 프로젝트), and this play marks the 1st product of the project.[8]


Personal life

On January 2010, Kim Min-kyo married his long-time fan, who had dated him since 2005.[17] He, who holds several martial arts title including hapkido and taekwondo, is atheist, however, sometimes he jokes that his namesaked religion is "Min-Kyo",[18] which means that he believes in himself.[19]


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