Lazarus (bishop of Milan)

Archbishop of Milan
Lazarus bishop of Milan.JPG
Church Catholic Church
Appointed AD 438
Term ended AD 449
Predecessor Glycerius
Successor Eusebius
Personal details
Died March 14, 449
Feast day February 11
Venerated in Catholic Church

Lazarus (Italian: Lazzaro) was Archbishop of Milan from 438 to 449 AD. He is honoured as a saint in the Catholic Church and his feast day is February 11.


Not much has been discovered about the life and episcopate of Lazarus. He is reported to have had a stern appearance and he probably studied in Milan. Following Pope Leo the Great, he may also have taken measures against the Manichaeans.[1]

Lazarus died on March 14, 449. He was buried in the Church of Saint Nazarius and Celsus in Milan. His feast day was adjusted to February 11 due to the time of Lent.[2] A late tradition, with no historical basis, associates Lazarus with the Milan's family of the Beccardi.

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