Leudinus Bodo[1] was a seventh-century bishop of Toul, successor to Eborinus, or Elbonirus.[2] He was a Benedictine.[3] He occurs in hagiographies. His feast day is Sept. 11.[4]

He is traditionally known as the founder of Bodonis Monasterium (the monastery of Bodo), later called Bon-Moutier (Bonmoutier, Bon Moustiers).[5] Bonmoutier is in the modern Val-et-Châtillon, Vosges.

He is said to have been born around 625, in Bassigny, to Gundoin and Saratrude of the Etichonids, a family of the Austrasian nobility. His sister was Saint Salaberge, who founded the monastery at Laon.[6] He founded also the Abbey of Étival (Stivagium, Abbaye Saint-Pierre d'Étival[7]),[8] dated to 663[9] and the Abbey of Othonville, and died around 678.[10]


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