Lionel Aingimea

Lionel Aingimea
09.28 總統於官邸晚宴諾魯新任總統安格明(Lionel Aingimea) (48808645487) (cropped).jpg
President of Nauru
Assumed office
27 August 2019
Deputy Martin Hunt[1]
Maverick Eoe[2]
Preceded by Baron Waqa
Assistant Minister for Justice and Border Control
In office
Member of Parliament for Meneng
Assumed office
Personal details
Born Nauru[3]
Political party Independent

Lionel Rouwen Aingimea is a Nauruan lawyer and politician. He currently serves as President of Nauru.

Political career

Aingimea studied law in Australia and subsequently worked for the Regional Rights Resource Team NGO,[4] and as a public defender in the Marshall Islands.[3] He later worked as a lecturer in law at the University of the South Pacific.[3]

Aingimea ran for election to Parliament in the Meneng Constituency in 2013, but failed to be elected. Following the elections, he joined the new administration of President Baron Waqa as Secretary for Justice.[4][3]

After successfully contesting the Meneng seat in the 2016 elections, he was appointed Assistant Minister for Justice and Border Control in Waqa's government,[4] serving under Minister for Justice David Adeang. He was re-elected in the 2019 elections, which saw Waqa lose his seat. Following the elections, he was elected President by Parliament, defeating Adeang by twelve votes to six.[5]