List of universities in Sudan

This is a list of universities in Sudan.

Institution   Location   Ownership  
Academy of Engineering Sciences Khartoum Private
Ahfad University for Women Omdurman Private
Al Fashir University El Fasher Public
Nobles College for science and technology Khartoum Private
AlMughtaribeen University Khartoum Private
Al-Neelain University Khartoum and other locations Public
Al Zaiem Alazhari University Khartoum Public
Bayan College for Science & Technology Khartoum Private
Blue Nile University Ad-Damazeen Public
Canadian Sudanese College Khartoum Private
Dalanj University Dalang Public
El Imam El Mahdi University Kosti Public
Elrazi University Khartoum Private
Future University of Sudan Khartoum Private
University of Garden City Khartoum Private
Gezira College for Technology Khartoum Private
Ibn Sina University Khartoum Private
International University of Africa Khartoum Public
Karary University Omdurman Public
Khartoum College of Medical Sciences Khartoum Private
Mashreq University Khartoum North Private
Nahda College Khartoum Private
National College of Khartoum (NCK) Khartoum Private
National College for Medical & Technical Studies Khartoum Private
National Ribat University Khartoum Private
Elobied college for science and Technology Al-Ubayyid Private
Nile College Bahri Private
Nile Valley University Atbara Public
Omdurman Ahlia University Omdurman Private
Omdurman Islamic University Omdurman Public
Open University of Sudan Khartoum Public
Public Health Institute Khartoum Public
Red Sea University Port Sudan Public
Riyadh International College Khartoum Private
Hayatt university College Khartoum Private
Sudan International University Khartoum Private
Sharq El Neal College Khartoum Private
Sudan University of Science and Technology Khartoum and other locations Public
University of Bakht Al-Ruda Al-Dewaym Public
University of Bahri Bahri Public
University of Dongola Dongola Public
University of Al Qadarif Al Qadarif Public
University of Gezira Wad Medani Public
University of Kassala Kassala Public
University of Khartoum Khartoum Public
University of Kordofan Al-Ubayyid Public
University of Medical Sciences and Technology Khartoum Private
University of Nyala Nyala Public
University of Science and Technology - Omdurman Omdurman Private
University of Sennar Sennar Public
University of Shendi Shendi Public
University of the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences Omdurman Public
University of West Kordofan Al-Foula Public
University of Zalingei Zalingei Public
Wad Medani Ahlia College Wad Medani Non-profit


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