List of wars by death toll

This list of wars by death toll includes all deaths that are either directly or indirectly caused by the war. These numbers usually include the deaths of military personnel which are the direct results of battle or other military wartime actions, as well as the wartime/war-related deaths of soldiers which are the results of war-induced epidemics, famines, atrocities, genocide, etc.


War Death
(Note 1)
Date Combatants Location Notes
Conquests of Cyrus the Great 100,000+ 100,000 549 BC–530 BC Persian Empire vs. various states Middle East Number given is the sum of all deaths in battle recorded by writers during this time period, does not take into account civilian deaths, the actual number may be much greater.
Greco–Persian Wars 73,800+ 73,800 499 BC–449 BC Greek City-States vs. Persian Empire Greece
Samnite Wars 33,500+ 33,500 343 BC–290 BC Roman Republic vs. Samnites Italy Number given is the sum of all deaths in battle recorded by Roman writers during this time period, does not take into account civilian deaths, the actual number may be much greater.
Wars of Alexander the Great 142,000+ 142,000 336 BC–323 BC Macedonian Empire and other Greek City-States vs. various states Middle East / North Africa / Central Asia / India Number given is the sum of all deaths in battle during these wars recorded by Greek writers, does not take into account civilian deaths, the actual number may be much greater.
Punic Wars 1,250,000–1,850,000 1,520,691 264 BC–146 BC Roman Republic vs. Carthaginian Empire Western Europe / North Africa
First Punic War 400,000+ 400,000 264 BC–241 BC Roman Republic vs. Carthaginian Empire Southern Europe / North Africa – Part of the Punic Wars
Second Punic War 770,000+ 770,000 218 BC–201 BC Roman Republic vs. Carthaginian Empire Western Europe / North Africa [1] – Part of the Punic Wars
Third Punic War 150,000–250,000 193,649 149 BC–146 BC Roman Republic vs. Carthaginian Empire Tunisia – Part of the Punic Wars
Kalinga War 150,000–200,000
[citation needed]
173,205 262 BC–261 BC Maurya Empire vs. State of Kalinga India
Qin's Wars of Unification 700,000+[citation needed] 700,000 230 BC–221 BC Qin state vs. Han, Zhou, Yan, Wei, Chu, Qi States China – Part of Warring States Period
Cimbrian War 410,000–650,000 516,236 113 BC–101 BC Roman Empire vs. Cimbri and Teutones Western Europe – Part of the Germanic Wars
Gallic Wars 1,000,000+ 1,000,000 58 BC–50 BC Roman Republic vs. Gallic tribes France
Iceni Revolt 150,000+[2] 150,000 60–61 Roman Empire vs. Celtic tribes England Year is uncertain – Part of the Roman Conquest of Britain
Jewish–Roman Wars 350,000–2,000,000 836,660 66–136 Roman Empire vs. Jews Middle East/North Africa
First Jewish–Roman War 270,000–1,358,400 605,614 66–73 Roman Empire vs. Jews Middle East – Part of Jewish–Roman Wars
Kitos War 440,000+ 440,000 115–117 Roman Empire vs. Jews Southern Europe / North Africa – Also known as the Second Jewish–Roman War
– Part of Jewish–Roman Wars
Bar Kokhba Revolt 580,000+ 580,000 132–136 Roman Empire vs. Jews Middle East – Also known as the Third Jewish–Roman War
– Part of Jewish–Roman Wars
Gothic War (269) 320,000+ 320,000 269 Roman Empire vs. Goths Europe Claudius II defeated the Goths, of whom 320,000 were slain. This number is from the Historia Augusta. – Part of the Germanic Wars
Probus's German War 400,000+ 400,000 277 Roman Empire vs. Germans Europe Emperor Probus informed the Senate that he had killed 400,000 Germans. From the Historia Augusta. – Part of the Germanic Wars
Gothic War (376–382) 40,000+ 40,000 376–382 Roman Empire vs. Goths Eastern Europe – Part of the Germanic Wars
Three Kingdoms War 36,000,000–40,000,000 37,947,332 184–280 Wei vs. Shu Vs. Wu China [3][4] – Academically, the period of the Three Kingdoms refers to the period between the foundation of the state of Wei in 220 and the conquest of the state of Wu by the Jin dynasty in 280. The earlier, "unofficial" part of the period, from 184 to 220, was marked by chaotic infighting between warlords in various parts of China.

See: End of the Han Dynasty

Yellow Turban Rebellion 3,000,000–7,000,000 4,582,576 184–205 Peasants vs. Eastern Han China China – Part of Three Kingdoms War
Wars of the Sixteen Kingdoms 150,000+
[citation needed]
150,000 304–439 Northern Chinese States Northern China Number given is the sum of all deaths in battle recorded in this time period in battles between armies of the Sixteen Kingdoms, does not take into account civilian deaths, the actual number may be much greater.
Hunnic Invasions 165,000+
[citation needed]
165,000 395–453 Roman Empire vs. Hunnic tribes Europe Number given is the sum of all deaths in battle recorded by Roman writers during this time period, does not take into account civilian deaths, the actual number may be much greater.

Note 1: The geometric mean is the middle of the quoted range, taken by multiplying together the endpoints and then taking the square root.

Note: the identity of a single "war" cannot be reliably given in some cases, and some "wars" can be taken to last over more than a human lifetime, e.g. "Reconquista" (711–1492, 781 years) "Muslim conquests in India" (12th to 16th c., 500 years) "Crusades" (ten or more campaigns during the period 1095–1291, 196 years), "Mongol conquests" (1206–1368, 162 years), "early Muslim conquests" (622–750, 128 years), "Hundred Years' War" (1337–1453, 115 years).

War Death
mean[clarification needed]
Date Combatants Location Notes
Moorish Wars 5,000,000+ 5,000,000 534–548 Moors vs. Byzantine Empire North Africa
Arab–Byzantine Wars 130,000+ 130,000 629–1050 Byzantine Empire and allies vs. Islamic Empire and Allies Middle East / North Africa / Southern Europe Number given is the sum of all deaths in battle recorded by writers during this time period, does not take into account civilian deaths, the actual number may be much greater.
Reconquista 7,000,000+ 7,000,000 711–1492 Spanish and Portuguese states vs. Muslim states Iberian Peninsula [5]
An Lushan Rebellion 13,000,000–36,000,000 21,633,308 755–763 Tang Dynasty China and Islamic Empire vs. Yan state China / Vietnam [6] – Also known as the An–Shi Rebellion
Goryeo–Khitan Wars 90,000+ 90,000 993–1019 Liao Empire vs. Goryeo Kingdom Korea [7]
Crusades 1,000,000–3,000,000 1,732,051 1095–1291 Originally Byzantine Empire vs. Seljuq Empire, but evolved into Christians vs. Muslims. Europe / Middle East ("Holy Land") [8]
Albigensian Crusade 200,000–1,000,000 447,214 1208–1229 Papal States and France vs. Cathartic States France [9][10] – Also known as the Cathar Crusade

– Part of the Crusades

Mongol conquests 30,000,000–40,000,000 34,641,016 1206–1368 Mongol Empire vs. Several Eurasian states Eurasia [11][12][13] – Excludes the (up to) 200,000,000 deaths from the Black Death migration that may have been associated with the Mongol expansion
Wars of Scottish Independence 60,000-150,000 94,868 1296–1357 Scotland vs. England Scotland / England
Hundred Years' War 2,300,000–3,300,000 2,754,995 1337–1453 House of Valois vs. House of Plantagenet Western Europe [14]
Conquests of Timur 8,000,000–20,000,000 12,649,111 1370–1405 Timurid Empire vs. several middle eastern states Eurasia [15][16]
Conquests of Mehmed II 'the Conqueror' 873,000+ 873,000 1451–1481 Ottoman Empire vs. Various south European states Eastern Europe [17] May be over or underestimated
Wars of the Roses 35,000–50,000 41,833 1455–1487 House of Lancaster, House of Tudor, and allies vs. House of York and allies England / Wales [18][better source needed][19]


Modern wars with greater than 25,000 deaths by death toll

War Death
Date Combatants Location Notes
Italian Wars 300,000–400,000 346,410 1494–1559 Holy Roman Empire, Spain, and some Italian States vs. France, Ottoman Empire, and some Italian states Southern Europe [20] – Also known as the Great Wars of Italy
Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire 24,300,000+ 24,300,000 1519–1632 Spanish Colonial Empire vs. Aztec Empire Mexico [20] – Part of the European colonization of the Americas, includes the cocoliztli plagues
Spanish conquest of Yucatán 1,460,000+ 1,460,000 1519–1595 Spanish Colonial Empire vs. Mayan States North America [20] – Part of the European colonisation of the Americas, includes deaths due to European disease
Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire 8,400,000+ 8,400,000 1533–1572 Spanish Colonial Empire vs. Inca Empire Peru [20] – Part of the European colonization of the Americas, includes deaths due to European diseases
Campaigns of Suleiman the Magnificent 200,000+ 200,000 1521–1566 Ottoman Empire vs. several Balkan, African, and Arabian States Eastern Europe / Middle East / North Africa [21]
German Peasants' War 100,000+ 100,000 1524–1525 German Peasants vs. Swabian League Germany [22] – Also known as the Great Peasants War
French Wars of Religion 2,000,000–4,000,000 2,828,427 1562–1598 Protestants vs. France vs. Catholics France [23] – Also known as the Huguenot Wars
Eighty Years' War 600,000–700,000 648,074 1568–1648 Dutch Republic, England, Scotland, and France vs. Spanish Empire Worldwide [20] – Also known as the Dutch War of Independence
Anglo-Spanish War (1585–1604) 138,285+ 138,285 1585–1604 Spanish Empire and allies vs. Kingdom of England and allies Europe / Americas English
Japanese invasions of Korea 1,000,000+ 1,000,000 1592–1598 Kingdom of Great Joseon and Ming China vs. Japan Korea [25]
Transition from Ming to Qing 25,000,000+ 25,000,000 1616–1683 Qing China vs. Ming China vs. Shun dynasty China (Li Zicheng) vs. Xi dynasty China (Zhang Xianzhong vs. Kingdom of Shu (She-An Rebellion) vs. Evenk-Daur federation (Bombogor ) China [26] – Also known as the Ming–Qing transition
Thirty Years' War 3,000,000–11,500,000 5,873,670 1618–1648 Pro-Habsburg states vs. Anti-Habsburg states Europe [27]
Franco-Spanish War (1635–59) 200,000+ 200,000 1635–1659 France and Allies vs. Spain and Allies Western Europe [21][28]
Wars of the Three Kingdoms 876,000+ 876,000 1639–1651 Royalists vs. Covenanters vs.Union of the Irish vs. Scottish Protestants vs. Parliamentarians British Isles [29][30][31] – Also known as the British Civil Wars
English Civil War 356,000–735,000 511,527 1642–1651 Royalists vs. Parliamentarians England [32] – Part of the Wars of the Three Kingdoms
Mughal–Maratha Wars 5,000,000+ 5,600,000 1658-1707 Maratha empire vs. Mughal Empire India-Bangladesh [33][34]
Franco-Dutch War 220,000+ 220,000 1672–1678 France and allies vs. Dutch Republic and allies Western Europe [21] – Also known as the Dutch War
Great Turkish War 120,000+ 120,000 1683–1699 Ottoman Empire vs. European Holy League Eastern Europe [21] – Also known as the War of the Holy League
Great Northern War 350,000+ 350,000 1700–1721 Russia and allies vs. Swedish Empire Eastern Europe Sweden, the Swedish Baltic provinces, and Finland, together, with a population of only 2.5 million, lost some 350,000 dead during the war from all causes.[35]
War of the Spanish Succession 400,000–1,251,000 707,390 1701–1714 Grand Alliance vs. Bourbon Alliance Europe / Americas [21]
Maratha expeditions in Bengal 400,000+ 400,000 1741–1751 Maratha Empire vs. Nawab of Bengal India [36][37]
Seven Years' War 868,000–1,400,000 1,102,361 1756–1763 Great Britain and allies vs. France and Allies Worldwide [38][39]
Sino-Burmese War (1765–69) 70,000+ 70,000 1765–1769 Burma vs. Qing China Southeast Asia – Also known as the Qing invasions of Burma
American Revolutionary War 37,324+ 37,324 1775–1783 United States and allies vs. British Empire and German Mercenaries Worldwide 37,324 battle dead, all sides, all theaters.[21][40][41][42][43] – Also known as the American War of Independence
French campaign in Egypt and Syria 65,000+ 65,000 1798–1801 France vs. Ottoman Empire and Great Britain Middle East / North Africa [21]
Saint-Domingue expedition 135,000+ 135,000 1802–1803 France vs. Haiti and UK Haiti [28]
Napoleonic Wars 3,500,000–7,000,000 4,949,747 1803–1815 Coalition powers vs. French empire and allies Worldwide See: Napoleonic Wars casualties
French invasion of Russia 540,000+ 540,000 1812 French Empire vs. Russia Russia [21] – Part of the Napoleonic Wars
Spanish American Wars of Independence 600,000+ 600,000 1808–1833 Spain and Portugal vs. American Independentists Americas [44]
Venezuelan War of Independence 228,000+ 228,000 1810–1823 Spain vs. Venezuelan states Venezuela – Part of Spanish American Wars of Independence
Mfecane 1,500,000–2,000,000 1,732,051 1815–1840 Ethnic communities in south Africa Southern Africa [45]
Carlist Wars 200,000+ 200,000 1820–1876 Carlist Insurgents vs. Spain Spain [44]
French conquest of Algeria 480,000-1,000,000 750,000 1830–1903 France vs. Algerian resistance Algeria The war started between France and the Deylik of Algiers, which was an Ottoman vassal, but after the early capitulation of the Deylik, resistance was led by different groups.
Taiping Rebellion 20,000,000-100,000,000 44,721,359 1850–1864 Qing China vs. Taiping Heavenly Kingdom China [46][47][48] – Also known as the Taiping Civil War
Crimean War 356,000–410,000 382,047 1853–1856 Ottoman Empire and allies vs. Russia Crimean Peninsula One of the first wider uses of rifles
Panthay Rebellion 890,000–1,000,000 943,398 1856–1873 Qing China vs. Hui China – Also known as the Du Wenxiu Rebellion
Indian Rebellion of 1857 800,000–10,000,000 2,828,427 1857–1858 Sepoy Mutineers vs. British East India Company India [49] – Also known as the Sepoy Mutiny or the Indian First War of Independence
American Civil War 650,000–1,000,000 806,226 1861–1865 United States vs. Confederate States USA [50][51][52]
Dungan Revolt 8,000,000–12,000,000 9,797,959 1862–1877 Qing China vs. Hui vs. Kashgaria China – Also known as the Tongzhi Hui Revolt
French intervention in Mexico 49,287+ 49,287 1862–1867 Mexican Republicans vs. France and Mexican Empire Mexico [28]
Paraguayan War 300,000–1,200,000 600,000 1864–1870 Triple alliance vs. Paraguay South America [53] – Also known as the War of the Triple Alliance
Ten Years' War 241,000+ 241,000 1868–1878 Spain vs. Cuba Cuba [28] – Also known as the Great War
Conquest of the Desert 30,000–35,000 32,404 1870s–1884 Argentina vs. Mapuche people Patagonia
Aceh War 97,000–107,000 101,877 1873–1914 Kingdom of the Netherlands vs. Aceh Sultanate Indonesia [54] – Also known as the Infidel War
First Sino–Japanese War 48,311+ 48,311 1894–1895 Qing China vs. Japan East Asia A large factor in the weakening of Qing China.
Cuban War of Independence 362,000+ 362,000 1895–1898 USA and Cuba vs. Spain Cuba [28]
Thousand Days' War 120,000+ 120,000 1899–1902 Colombian Conservatives vs. Colombian Liberals Colombia [55]
South African War (Second Boer War) 73,000–90,000 81,056 1899-1902 United Kingdom and allies vs. South African Republic and Orange Free State South Africa [56]
Philippine–American War 234,000+ 234,000 1899–1912 Philippines vs. USA Philippines [57] – Also known as the Philippine War
Mexican Revolution 500,000–2,000,000 1,000,000 1910–1920 Revolutionary Forces vs. Anti-Revolutionary Forces Mexico [58]
Balkan Wars 140,000+ 140,000 1912–1913 see Balkan wars Balkan Peninsula Th war restricted Ottoman control in Europe to territories around Istanbul
World War I 16,000,000–40,000,000+ (the higher estimate also includes the first victims of the related Spanish flu epidemic who died by the end of 1918. Neither includes the subsequent Russian Civil War) 23,568,559 1914–1918 Allied Powers vs. Central Powers Worldwide [21] – Also known as the Great War
Russian Civil War 5,000,000–9,000,000 6,708,204 1917–1922 Red army and allies vs. White army and allies Russia [59]
Iraqi–Kurdish conflict 138,800–320,100 210,784 1918–2003 Kurdistan/Iraqi Kudistan and allies vs. Iraq and allies Iraq [60][61]
Kurdish rebellions in Turkey 100,000+ 100,000 1921–present Turkey vs. Kurdish people Middle East
Second Italo-Senussi War 40,000+ 40,000 1923–1932 Italy vs. Senussi Order Libya
Chinese Civil War 8,000,000–11,692,000 9,671,401 1927–1949 ROC vs. PRC China [62]
Chaco War 85,000–130,000 100,000 1932–1935 Bolivia vs. Paraguay Gran Chaco
Second Italo-Ethiopian War 278,350+ 278,350 1935–1936 Ethiopian Empire vs. Italy Ethiopia According to Italian government statistics, the Italians suffered 1,148 KIA, 125 DOW, and 31 MIA.[63] According to the Ethiopian government, at least 275,000 Ethiopians died in the brief war.[63][64] – Also known as the Second Italo–Abyssinian War
Spanish Civil War 500,000–1,000,000 707,107 1936–1939 Nationalists vs. Republicans Spain [28]
Second Sino-Japanese War 20,000,000–25,000,000 22,360,680 1937–1945 Republic of China and allies vs. Japan China [65] – Part of World War II
World War II 56,125,162–85,000,000 69,069,811 1939–1945 Allied powers vs. Axis Powers Worldwide [21] - Largest and deadliest war in history
Winter War 153,736–194,837 173,071 1939–1940 Finland vs. Soviet Union Finland – Part of World War II
Greco-Italian War 27,080+ 27,080 1940–1941 Greece vs. Italy Southeast Europe – Part of World War II
Continuation War 387,333+ 387,333 1941–1944 Finland and Germany vs. Soviet Union Northern Europe – Part of World War II
Soviet–Japanese War 33,420–95,768 56,574 1945 Soviet Union and Mongolia vs. Japan Manchuria – Part of World War II
First Indochina War 400,000+ 400,000 1946–1954 France vs. Việt Minh, Lao Assara, and Khmer Issarak Southeast Asia – Also known as the Indochina War
Greek Civil War 158,000+ 158,000 1946–1949 Greek Government army vs. DSE Greece [66][67][68][69]
Malagasy Uprising 11,342–89,000 35,000 1947–1948 France vs. Malagasy Insurgents Madagascar [70][71]
Kashmir Conflict 80,000–110,000 93,808 1947– present India vs. Pakistan North India / Pakistan
La Violencia 192,700–194,700 193,697 1948–1958 Colombian Conservative Party vs. Colombian Liberal Party Colombia
Internal conflict in Myanmar 130,000–250,000 180,278 1948–present Myanmar vs. Burmese Insurgent Groups Myanmar [72]
Arab–Israeli conflict 116,074+ 116,074 1948–present Arab League vs. Israel and USA Middle East [73]
Indian annexation of Hyderabad 29,212–242,212 84,116 1948 Dominion of India vs. Hyderabad India – Also known as Operation Polo
Korean War 1,500,000-4,500,000 3,000,000 1950–1953 South Korea and allies vs. North Korea and allies Korea [74]
Algerian War 400,000-1,500,000 724,569 1954–1962 Algeria vs. France Algeria [75] – Also known as the Algerian War of Independence
Ethnic conflict in Nagaland 34,000+ 34,000 1954–present India and Myanmar vs. Naga People Northeast India [76]
Vietnam War 2,400,000–4,300,000 3,144,837 1955–1975 South Vietnam and allies vs. North Vietnam and allies Vietnam [77][78][79] – Also known as the Second Indochina War
First Sudanese Civil War 500,000+ 500,000 1955–1972 Sudan vs. South Sudanese Rebels Sudan
Congo Crisis 100,000+ 100,000 1960–1965 DRC, USA, and Belgium vs. Simba and Kwilu Rebels Congo [80]
Angolan War of Independence 82,991–102,991 92,452 1961–1974 Angola vs. Portugal and South Africa Angola
North Yemen Civil War 100,000–200,000 141,421 1962–1970 Kingdom of Yemen and Saudi Arabia vs. Yemen Arab Republic and United Arab Republic Yemen [81]
Mozambican War of Independence 63,500–88,500 74,965 1964–1974 FRELIMO vs. Portugal Mozambique [82]
Insurgency in Northeast India 25,000+ 25,000 1964–present India and allies vs. Insurgent Groups Northeast India [72]
Colombian conflict 220,000+ 220,000 1964–present Colombia and allies vs. Far Left guerillas and Far Right paramilitares Colombia [83]
Nigerian Civil War 1,000,000-3,000,000 1,732,051 1967–1970 Nigeria vs. Biafra Nigeria – Also known as the Biafran War
Moro Conflict 120,000+ 120,000 1969–2019 Philippines vs. Jihadist Groups vs. Bangsamoro Philippines [84]
CPP-NPA-NDF rebellion 30,000–43,000 35,917 1969–present Philippines vs. Communist Party of the Philippines Philippines [85]
Bangladesh Liberation War 3,000,000+ 3,000,000 1971 India and Bangladesh vs. Pakistan Bangladesh [86] – Also known as the Bangladesh War of Independence
Ethiopian Civil War 500,000–1,500,000 866,025 1974–1991 Derg, PEDR, and Cuba vs. Anti-Communist rebel groups Ethiopia
Angolan Civil War 504,158+ 504,158 1975–2002 MPLA vs. UNITA Angola
Lebanese Civil War 120,000–150,000 134,164 1975–1990 various groups Lebanon
Insurgency in Laos 100,000+ 100,000 1975–2007 Laos and Vietnam vs. "Secret army" and Hmong people Laos [87]
War in Afghanistan 1,240,000–2,000,000 1,574,802 1978–present see War in Afghanistan Afghanistan [88]
Kurdish–Turkish conflict 45,000+ 45,000 1978–present Turkey vs. KCK Middle East [89] – Part of the Kurdish rebellions in Turkey
Soviet–Afghan War 600,000–2,000,000 1,095,445 1979–1989 Soviet Union and Afghanistan vs. Insurgent groups Afghanistan [90][91][92] – Part of War in Afghanistan
Iran–Iraq War 289,220–1,100,000 564,041 1980–1988 Iran and allies vs. Iraq and allies Middle East
Internal conflict in Peru 70,000+ 70,000 1980–present Peru vs. PCP-SL and MRTA Peru [93]
Ugandan Bush War 100,000–500,000 223,607 1981–1986 ULNF and Tanzania vs. National Resistance Army Uganda [94][95] – Also known as the Luwero War
Second Sudanese Civil War 1,000,000–2,000,000 1,414,214 1983–2005 Sudan vs. South Sudanese rebels Sudan
Sri Lankan Civil War 80,000–100,000 89,443 1983–2009 Sri Lanka vs. Tamil Tigers Sri Lanka [96]
Somali Civil War 300,000–500,000 387,298 1986–present Varying Somali governments vs. insurgent groups Somalia [97][98]
Lord's Resistance Army insurgency 100,000–500,000 223,607 1987–present Lord's Resistance Army vs. Central African states Central Africa [99]
Nagorno-Karabakh War 38,000+ 38,000 1988–1994 Artsakh and Armenia vs. Azerbaijan and allies Caucasus region – Also known as the Artsakh Liberation War
Gulf War 25,456–40,456 32,091 1990–1991 Iraq vs. Coalition Forces Iraq – Also known as the First Iraq War
Algerian Civil War 44,000–200,000 93,808 1991–2002 Algeria vs. FIS loyalists vs. GIA Algeria [100]
Bosnian War 97,214–104,732 100,903 1991–1995 Bosnia and Herzegovinian governments and allies vs. Republika Srpska and allies Bosnia
1991 Iraqi coup d'état attempt 85,000–235,000 141,333 1991 Iraq vs various rebels Iraq [101][102][103] – Also known as the Sha'aban Intifada
Sierra Leone Civil War 50,000-300,000 122,474 1991-2002 see Sierra Leone Civil War Sierra Leone
Burundian Civil War 300,000+ 300,000 1993–2005 Burundi vs. Hutu rebels vs. Tutsi rebels Burundi [104]
Rwandan genocide 800,000 800,000 April – July 1994 Hutu people vs. Tutsi Rebels Rwanda [105]
First Congo War 250,000–800,000 447,214 1996–1997 Zaire and allies vs. AFDL and allies Congo
Second Congo War 2,500,000–5,400,000 3,674,235 1998–2003 See Second Congo War Central Africa [106][107][108][109] – Also known as the Great War of Africa
Ituri conflict 60,000+ 60,000 1999–2003 Lendu Tribe vs. Hemu Tribe and allies Congo [110] – Part of the Second Congo War
War on Terror 272,000–1,260,000 585,423 2001–present Anti-Terrorist Forces vs. Terrorist groups Worldwide [111][112][113][114] – Also known as the Global War on Terrorism
War in Afghanistan (2001–present) 47,246–61,603 53,949 2001–present see War in Afghanistan (2001–present) Afghanistan [112] – Part of the War on Terror and War in Afghanistan
Iraq War 151,000-461,000 190,000+ 2003–2011 See Iraq War Iraq [113][114][112] – Also known as the Second Gulf War

– Part of the War on Terror See: Casualties of the Iraq War

War in Darfur 300,000+ 300,000 2003–present SRF and allies vs. Sudan and allies vs. UNAMID Sudan [115]
Kivu Conflict 100,000+ 100,000 2004–present see Kivu Conflict Congo – Part of the Second Congo War
War in North-West Pakistan 45,852–78,946 60,165 2004–2017 Pakistan, USA, and UK vs. Terrorist groups Pakistan [112] – Also known as the War in Waziristan

– Part of the War on Terror and War in Afghanistan (2001–present)

Mexican Drug War 150,000-250,000 200,000 2006–present Mexico vs. Drug cartels Mexico [116][117] – Also known as the Mexican War on Drugs
Boko Haram insurgency 51,567+ 51,567 2009–present Multinational Joint Task Force vs. Boko Haram Nigeria 2,400,000 internally displaced
Syrian Civil War 570,000+ 570,000 2011–present Syrian Arab Republic vs. Republic of Syria vs. ISIL vs. Syrian Democratic Forces Syria See: Casualties of the Syrian civil war
Iraqi Civil War (2014–2017) 195,000-200,000+ 197,500 2014–2017 Iraq and allies vs. ISIL Iraq
Yemeni Civil War 91,600+ 91,600+ 2015-present Yemen’s Supreme Political Council Vs Hadi Government and Saudi-led Coalition Yemen

Modern wars with fewer than 25,000 deaths by death toll

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