Margaret discography

Margaret discography
Close-up shot of a smiling Margaret with her hair tied up. She wears white hoop earrings and an orange top.
Margaret during Melodifestivalen 2018 second semi-final in February 2018
Studio albums 5
Music videos 35
EPs 1
Singles 37

Margaret is a Polish singer and songwriter. She rose to prominence after the release of her debut single, "Thank You Very Much" (2013), which charted in the top 30 in Italy, the top 40 in Austria and the top 50 in Germany, and was the third best-selling digital single of 2013 in Poland by a Polish artist.[1] The song was later included on Margaret's first extended play (EP) All I Need, which was released in July 2013 and peaked at number 50 in Poland.

Her debut studio album, Add the Blonde, released in August 2014, contained all songs from All I Need and eight new tracks.[2] It reached number eight in the Polish charts and was certified platinum by the Polish Society of the Phonographic Industry (ZPAV). The album yielded three singles, "Wasted" (2014), "Start a Fire" (2014) and "Heartbeat" (2015), released exclusively in Poland. "Wasted" and "Start a Fire" reached the top 10 in the Polish Airplay Chart, while "Heartbeat" charted within its top 20. The foremost was later also released in Scandinavia. Margaret's second studio album, Just the Two of Us (2015), recorded in collaboration with Canadian jazz singer Matt Dusk, consisted of jazz standards.[3] The album reached the top 30 on the Polish albums chart, and received a platinum certification from ZPAV. It was promoted by two singles, the title track and the song "'Deed I Do". In December 2016, Margaret re-released her debut album. The reissue spawned two singles: "Cool Me Down" and "Elephant".[4] The former became Margaret's first Polish top five single, and also charted in the top 40 in Sweden. Moreover, it was certified two-times platinum in Poland and gold in Sweden. "Elephant" peaked at number 21 in Poland.

In 2017, Margaret released her third studio album, Monkey Business, which reached number eight on the Polish Albums Chart. Its singles, "What You Do" and "Byle jak" ("Anyhow"), charted at numbers 14 and six in Poland, respectively. She followed this with her Melodifestivalen entries, "In My Cabana" (2018) and "Tempo" (2019). "In My Cabana" reached number three in Poland and number eight in Sweden, while "Tempo" charted at number seven in Poland and at number 43 in Sweden. Her first Polish-language album (fourth overall), Gaja Hornby, was released in 2019 and placed at number 13 on the Polish albums chart. It spawned the singles "Gaja Hornby", "Serce Baila", "Chwile bez słów" (featuring Kacezet), and "Ej chłopaku". Margaret's fifth studio album, Maggie Vision (2021), yielded nine singles including the ZPAV-certfied "Reksiu" (featuring Otsochodzi) and "Roadster" (featuring Kizo).

Margaret also released few non-album singles throughout her career, including "O mnie się nie martw" ("Don't You Worry About Me"; 2014), a theme song of the Polish television series of the same name,[5] "Smak radości" ("The Taste of Happiness"; 2015), and "Coraz bliżej święta" ("Holidays are Coming"; 2015). The last two songs were recorded for Polish Coca-Cola television commercials.[6][7] "Coraz bliżej święta" peaked at number 32 in Poland. Aside from her solo work, Margaret featured on the singles "Let It Snow!" (2016) from Old School Yule! by Matt Dusk and "Układanki" (2019) from Skan myśli by Polish rapper Young Igi, and provided vocals for non-album singles "6 in the Morning" (2017) by Swedish music group VAX and "Błogość" (2019) by Polish musician Kacezet.


Studio albums

List of studio albums, with selected chart positions and certifications
Title Album details Peak chart positions Certifications
Add the Blonde[A] 8
Just the Two of Us[A]
(with Matt Dusk)
  • Released: 6 November 2015[3]
  • Label: Magic Records
  • Formats: CD, LP, digital download, streaming
  • ZPAV: Platinum[10]
Monkey Business[A]
  • Released: 2 June 2017[11]
  • Label: Extensive Music, Magic Records
  • Formats: CD, digital download, streaming
Gaja Hornby[A]
  • Released: 17 May 2019[12]
  • Label: Artistars, Powerhouse
  • Formats: CD, digital download, streaming
Maggie Vision 5


List of EPs, with selected chart positions
Title EP details Peak chart positions
All I Need[A]
  • Released: 30 July 2013[15]
  • Label: Extensive Music, Magic Records
  • Formats: CD, digital download, streaming


As lead artist

List of singles as lead artist, with selected chart positions and certifications, showing year released and album name
Title Year Peak chart positions Certifications Album
"It Will Be Lovely Day"[B][21] 2012 Non-album single
"Thank You Very Much" 2013 [C] 38 41 22 All I Need
and Add the Blonde
"Tell Me How Are Ya"[A][23]
"Wasted"[D] 2014 6 Add the Blonde
"Start a Fire"
(album version)[A]
"O mnie się nie martw"[A][24] O mnie się nie martw
"Heartbeat"[A] 2015 11 Add the Blonde
"Smak radości"[A][E][25]
"'Deed I Do"
(with Matt Dusk)[A][26]
Just the Two of Us
"Just the Two of Us"
(with Matt Dusk)[A][27]
"Coraz bliżej święta"
(featuring The Voice of Poland 6 finalists)[A][28]
32 Non-album single
"Cool Me Down" 2016 4 [F] 36 Add the Blonde
"Elephant"[A] 21
"Blue Vibes"[A] 2017 Smurfs: The Lost Village[G]
and Monkey Business
"What You Do" 14 Monkey Business
"Byle jak"[A] 6
"In My Cabana" 2018 3 8 Melodifestivalen 2018
"Lollipop"[31] Non-album single
"Tempo" 2019 7 43 Melodifestivalen 2019
"Gaja Hornby"[A][32] Gaja Hornby
"Serce Baila"[A][33]
"Chwile bez słów"
(featuring Kacezet)[A][34]
"Ej chłopaku"[A][35]
"Nowe Plemię"[36] 2020 Maggie Vision
(featuring Otsochodzi)[38]
(featuring Kizo)[40]
"No Future"
(featuring Kukon)[13]
(featuring Kara)[43]
"Sold Out"
(featuring Natalia Szroeder)[44]
"—" denotes items which were not released in that country or failed to chart.

As featured artist

List of singles as featured artist, showing year released and album name
Title Year Certifications Album
"Let It Snow!"
(Matt Dusk featuring Margaret)[A][45]
2016 Old School Yule!
(Polish release)
"6 in the Morning"
(VAX featuring Margaret)[46]
2017 Non-album singles
(Kacezet featuring Margaret)[47]
(Young Igi featuring Margaret)[48]
  • ZPAV: 2× Platinum[49]
(1988 featuring Kacha and Margaret)[50]
2021 TBA

Songwriting credits

Song Year Artist Album Notes
"Całe szczęście"[51] 2020 Magda Bereda Mniejszeodtrzech Co-writer

Music videos

List of music videos, showing year released and director(s)
Title Year Director(s) Ref.
As lead artist
(with Otar Saralidze)
2011 Unknown [52]
"Thank You Very Much" 2013 Chris Piliero [53]
"Wasted" 2014 Julia Bui Ngoc [54]
"O mnie się nie martw" Jacek Kościuszko [55]
"Start a Fire"
(2014 FIVB Volleyball Men's World Championship version)
Unknown [56]
"Start a Fire"
(album version)
Olga Czyżykiewicz [57]
"Heartbeat" 2015 [58]
"Dance for 2" Zuzanna Krajewska [59]
"'Deed I Do"
(with Matt Dusk)
Olga Czyżykiewicz [60]
"Just the Two of Us"
(with Matt Dusk)
"Coraz bliżej święta"
(featuring The Voice of Poland 6 finalists)
McCann Worldgroup [62]
"Kolęda warszawska 1939" Anna Powierża [63]
"Cool Me Down" 2016 Olga Czyżykiewicz [64]
"Elephant" Bogna Kowalczyk [65]
"Blue Vibes" 2017 Konrad Aksinowicz [66]
"What You Do" [67]
"Monkey Business" Sandy Rzeźniczak, Maniek Kotarski [68]
"Nie chce / Byle jak" Konrad Aksinowicz [69]
"Lollipop" 2018 Margaret, Sandy Rzeźniczak, Maniek Kotarski [70]
"Czuje miętę" 2019 Xawery Wolski [71]
"Tempo" (Up)[H] Maciej Bieliński [72]
"Tempo" (Down)[H]
"Daenerys & Jon Snow"
(with Kacezet)
Werona Rygiel, Robert Sampławski [73]
"Serce Baila" Maciej Nowak, Werona Rygiel, Robert Sampławski [74]
"Chwile bez słów"
(featuring Kacezet)
Xawery Wolski, Maciej Nowak [75]
"Ej chłopaku" Maciej Nowak [76]
"Nowe Plemię" (Vertical Video) 2020 Julia Rogowska, Magda Zielińska [77]
(featuring Otsochodzi)
Maciej "Mac" Adamczak [38]
(featuring Kizo)
"Xanax" Luke Jascz [79]
(featuring Kara)
2021 Moher [80]
"Sold Out"
(featuring Natalia Szroeder)
Łukasz Zabłocki [81]
As featured artist
"Gdy się Chrystus rodzi"
(among Siemacha & Friends)
2015 Unknown [82]
(Young Igi featuring Margaret)
2019 Michał Korzewski, Piotr Czyżowski [83]
(1988 featuring Kacha and Margaret)
2021 Dawid Misiorny, Tymon Nogalski [50]

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