Marianne Buggenhagen

Marianne Buggenhagen (born 26 May 1953 in UeckermΓΌnde, East Germany) is a Paralympian athlete from Germany competing mainly in throwing events.[1][2]

Career history

She first competed in the 1992 Summer Paralympics in Barcelona, Spain. There she won four gold medals in discus, javelin, shot putt and pentathlon. Then at the 1996 Summer Paralympics in Atlanta, United States she again won the shot and discus and won a bronze in the javelin. The following games in 2000 in Sydney, Australia she yet again won the shot putt. At her fourth games in 2004 she won her fourth consecutive shot putt title and won a silver in the discus throw. Marianne was one of the few athletes to have competed in Barcelona to also compete in the 2008 Summer Paralympics in Beijing, there she failed to win a fifth shot putt managing only to win the bronze medal, but did manage to win the discus throw, her twelfth medal in all of which 9 had been gold.


There are two schools with her name. One in Buch, the other one in Darlingerode, near "Haus Oehrenfeld".