Maritime Professional Hockey League

The Maritime Professional Hockey League (MaPHL) was a professional men's ice hockey league operating in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia from around 1911 until 1914. Two of the league's champions challenged for the Stanley Cup. The league was preceded in 1910–11 by the Interprovincial Professional Hockey League and followed in 1914–15 by the Eastern Professional Hockey League.


The 1913 Sydney Millionaires Professional Ice Hockey Team, Maritime Professional Hockey Association champs, Stanley Cup Challengers.

Originally the Maritime Hockey League, the loop was created as an amateur ice hockey league operating in Nova Scotia around 1900. The league is notable for having several teams challenge for the Stanley Cup.

Stanley Cup Challengers:

As part of the general progression of elite ice hockey leagues to paid professionals in the time period around 1910, the league made the switch official in 1910, calling itself the Interprovincial Professional Hockey League. The name changed again in 1911 to the Maritime Professional Hockey League and once again in 1914 to the Eastern Professional Hockey League. The EPHL suspended operations on February 7, 1915 after having shrunk to only two teams.[1]

Two MaPHL champions went on to challenge the NHA champion for the Stanley Cup:

In September 1913, the MaPHL arranged with the NHA and the Pacific Coast Hockey Association (PCHA) for the formation of a hockey commission to govern inter-league operations, contract issues and the play of the Stanley Cup between the league champions. In 1914, it was expected that the MaPHL champion would play the Toronto Blueshirts of the NHA for the Stanley Cup, but this was cancelled and Maritime champions did not play for the Stanley Cup again.

1910–11 season

1911–12 season

The Halifax Socials joined the three teams from the IPHL: the Moncton Victorias, the New Glasgow Cubs, and the Halifax Crescents. Each team played the other three teams six times, three home, three away.

Note: W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, GF= Goals For, GA = Goals Against, Pts = Points

Maritime Professional Hockey League GP W L T GF GA Pts
Moncton Victorias 18 12 6 0 106 80 24
New Glasgow Cubs 18 10 8 0 108 80 20
Halifax Socials 18 7 11 0 100 126 14
Halifax Crescents 18 7 11 0 94 122 14

1912–13 season

The Sydney Millionaires join the league making five teams that play the others four times each, two home, two away. After the season, the Millionaires would make an unsuccessful challenge against the Quebec Bulldogs for the Stanley Cup.

Maritime Professional Hockey League GP W L T GF GA Pts
Sydney Millionaires 16 11 5 0 71 60 22
New Glasgow Cubs 16 10 6 0 89 58 20
Moncton Victorias 16 9 7 0 71 63 18
Halifax Socials 16 8 8 0 66 67 16
Halifax Crescents 16 2 14 0 44 95 4

1913–14 season

The New Glasgow Cubs are renamed the New Glasgow Black Foxes. The Moncton Victorias fold bringing the league back to four teams, each playing the others eight times, four home, four away. The Millionaires do not play a planned Stanley Cup challenge against the Toronto Blueshirts.

Maritime Professional Hockey League GP W L T GF GA Pts
Sydney Millionaires 24 16 8 0 131 113 32
New Glasgow Black Foxes 24 16 8 0 162 117 32
Halifax Crescents 24 12 12 0 108 107 24
Halifax Socials 24 4 20 0 97 161 8

1914–15 season


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