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The Michinoku stable (陸奥部屋, Michinoku-beya) is a stable of sumo wrestlers, part of the Tokitsukaze ichimon or group of stables. It was established in 1974 by former maegashira Hoshikabuto, who branched off from Izutsu stable. Former ōzeki Kirishima became the current head coach in December 1997. It absorbed Tatsutagawa stable in November 2000 upon the retirement of the stablemaster there.[1] It lost four top members in April 2011 (Hakuba, Toyozakura, Jūmonji and Kirinowaka), who were forced to retire after being found guilty of match-fixing.[2] The retirement of Ryūhō in 2012 left it with no sekitori until Kiribayama reached the jūryō division in 2019. Kiribayama reached the top makuuchi division in January 2020, the first for the stable since Hakuba in 2008.

After the death of Izutsu Oyakata in September 2019,[3] all personnel from Izutsu stable moved to Michinoku on 1 October 2019.[4] This expanded the stable to 15 wrestlers, the most senior of whom is yokozuna Kakuryū. As of January 2021, it had 17 wrestlers.

Ring name conventions

In the past wrestlers at this stable took ring names or shikona that began with the character 星 (read: hoshi), meaning star, in deference to two of their former owners, but many now use 霧 (read: kiri), meaning fog or mist, after the current owner Kirishima, such as Kiribayama, Kirinoryu and Kirinofuji.


  • 1997-present: 9th Michinoku Kazuhiro (yakuin taigu iin, former ōzeki Kirishima)
  • 1991-1997: 8th Michinoku Yuji (former maegashira Hoshiiwato)
  • 1974-1991: 7th Michinoku Yoshio (former maegashira Hoshikabuto)

Notable active wrestlers



Notable former members



  • Tokodai (First class tokoyama)
  • Tokotsuru (First class tokoyama)

Location and access

Tokyo, Sumida Ward, Ryōgoku 1-18-7
1 minute walk from Ryōgoku Station on Sōbu Line

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