Microcabin Corporation
Subsidiary of AQ Interactive
Industry Interactive entertainment
Founded 1982
Defunct 2008
Headquarters Japan
Parent AQ Interactive (2008-2011), Fields Corporation (2011-)
Website http://www.microcabin.co.jp/

Microcabin Corporation (株式会社マイクロキャビン), sometimes written as Micro Cabin, was a Japan-based video game developer and publisher incorporated in 1982, who grew from the Ōyachi Electrics Microcomputer Club.

Known for their Xak series and its spinoff Fray in Magical Adventure, and games such as Illusion City and Mystaria: The Realms of Lore. Other games include Mystery House, Guardian War, and the Koutetsu no Houkou series.

They also developed the Sega Saturn port of Tunnel B1.


On 2008-05-09, AQ Interactive, Inc. announced the acquisition of Microcabin Corporation via share purchase, with trade on 2008-05-16.[1]

On 2011-01-14, AQ Interactive, Inc. announced selling its 85% stake (312704 shares) of Microcabin Corporation to Fields Corporation (フィールズ株式会社), and Microcabin Corporation became a consolidated subsidiary of Fields Corporation.[2][3][4][5]


Former subsidiaries

  • Neuron Image ((株)ニューロン イメージ): In 2002-01, Microcabin Entertainment ((株)マイクロキャビンエンタテイメント) was renamed to Neuron Image ((株)ニューロン イメージ).[6] In 2008-09, Neuron Image was merged into Microcabin Corp.[7]


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