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The Mihogaseki stable (三保ヶ関部屋, Mihogaseki-beya) was a stable of sumo wrestlers, part of the Dewanoumi ichimon or group of stables. Its last head coach, former ōzeki Masuiyama Daishirō II who took charge in November 1984, was the son of the previous head, also an ōzeki under the name Masuiyama Daishirō I. He produced nine sekitori in that time, the last being the Russian Aran in July 2008. Until September 2006 the stable also had Baruto in the top division, but he later moved to a newly formed stable, Onoe. Being close to the mandatory retirement age, Mihogaseki wound his stable up in October 2013, with himself and his remaining wrestlers moving to Kasugano stable. Aran chose to retire instead.[1][2]


Notable wrestlers



  • Akijiro Kimura (real name Shigehiro Nakazawa) - jūryō referee


  • Takuro (Takuro Hanazato) - junior chief usher
  • Jiro (Kazuo Nishide) - san'yaku usher

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