Muhammad Sa'id al-Qaddal

Muhammad Sa'id al-Qaddal
Born 1935
Sinkat, Sudan 
Died 6 January 2008
Khartoum, Sudan
Nationality Sudanese
Occupation Academic, professor, and historian
Years active 1966–2004
Movement Secularism
Spouse(s) Fatima Baaboud

Muhammad Said al-Qaddal (Arabic: محمد سعيد القدال) is a Sudanese intellectual and historian[1] whose research and views are distinguished for their depth and clarity, particularly the ones regarding the history of certain Sudanese religious communities and ideological parties, as well as his research on the field of educational curriculum.[2]


Muhammad Said al-Qaddal was born in 1935 in Sinkat, east Sudan,[3] where he taught the Quran.[4] His father, Sheikh al-Qaddal, was seconded to work in Hadhramaut, Yemen,[5] therefore, al-Qaddal and his family moved there, and it is where he studied middle school.[6]


al-Qaddal studied at:


Research papers


  • Education during the National Democratic Revolution Phase: 1970[3]
  • The Mahdist State and Abyssinia (original: al-Mahdiyah wa-al-Habashah): 1973[9][10]
  • Sudanese Communist Party and the 1969 Sudanese coup d'état: 1985[3]
  • Imam al-Mahdi: A Painting of a Sudanese Rebel (original: al-Imam al-Mahdi: Lawha li-tha`ir sudani): 1986[11][12]
  • The Economic Policy of the Mahdist State: 1987[13][14]
  • Islam and Politics in Sudan (original: Al-Islam wa-al-siyasiyyah fi al-Sudan) (book): 1992[3][10]
  • Belonging and Alienation: Studies in the History of Sudan: 1992[3]
  • History of Modern Sudan (original: Ta'rikh al-Sudan al-hadith): 1993[10][15][16]
  • Sheikh al-Qaddal Pasha: A Sudanese Teacher in Hadhramaut (original: Al-Shaykh al-Qaddal Basha): 1997[3][10]
  • Sultan Ali Bin Salah al-Qu'aiti: Half a Century of Political Struggle in Hadhramaut: 1998[2][17]
  • Cooper: Memoirs of a Political Detainee in Sudan Prisons: 1997[3][18]
  • Milestones in the History of the Sudanese Communist Party: 1999[3]
  • Guide to the Modern History of Europe: From the Renaissance Period to World War II: 2000[3]
  • Guide to Writing University Research: 2000[3]
  • Sheikh Mustafa al-Amin: A Journey of a Lifetime from Abyssinia to Hamburg: 2003[3]


On January 6, 2008, at the age of 73, al-Qaddal died following an health emergency in Khartoum, Sudan, and was buried there.[7]


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