Reign 1494 – 31 July 1508
Predecessor Amda Seyon II
Successor Dawit II
Dynasty Solomonic dynasty
Father Baeda Maryam I

Na'od (Amharic: ናዖስ) (? – 31 July 1508) was Emperor (nəgusä nägäst) (1494 – 31 July 1508) of Ethiopia, and a member of the Solomonic dynasty.


Na'od was the second son of Baeda Maryam I and his second wife Kalyupe (also called "Calliope"), and was born at Gabarge.[1]

Like Eskender before him, he relied on the counsel of the Queen Mother Eleni. Despite her help, his reign was marked by internal dissension.

Na'od began construction on a lavish church in the Amhara province, which was decorated with gold leaf and known as Mekane Selassie. However, he died before it was completed, and he was buried in a tomb inside the church. His son Emperor Lebna Dengel completed the construction in 1530.[2] Francisco Álvares records seeing the church as it was being constructed, and mentions that he was kept from entering it by the local clergy.[3] However, not long after its completion, Imam Ahmad ibn Ibrahim al-Ghazi (Ahmad Gurey/Gragn) penetrated the Amhara province, and on 3 November 1531, pillaged the structure and set it afire.[4]

Na'od was killed near Jejeno (possibly Mekane Selassie) while campaigning against Muslim forces.[5]