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Owner Tomasz Lis, NextWeb Media, Robert J─Ödrzejczyk
Launched February 22, 2012; 8 years ago (2012-02-22) (lit. OnTopic) is a Polish language website created by Tomasz Lis on 22 February 2012.[1] It includes a wide variety of content including latest events, politics, lifestyle, culture, social issues and economic and sports information.

After seven months since the creation of naTemat, the boss and editor-in-chief Tomasz Machała reported that the website had exceeded the one million unique visitors.[2] According to the January 2013 study of the Polish internet by Megapanel_PBI/Gemius, the website was 15th place in the category of "information and journalism" with 940,495 real users.[3]

The service combines editorial content and blogs. The approximately 400 authors include Janusz Palikot, Jacek Dehnel, Sebastian Gojd┼║ Justyna Kowalczyk, Marcin Orli┼äski, Jacek Rostowski, Krzysztof Ho┼éowczyc, Aleksander Kwa┼Ťniewski, Krystyna Kofta, Karol Okrasa.[4]


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