National day of mourning

Finnish flag at half-staff due to the 2011 Norway attacks on 22 July 2011.

A national day of mourning is a day or days marked by mourning and memorial activities observed among the majority of a country's populace. They are designated by the national government. Such days include those marking the death or funeral of a renowned individual or individuals from that country or elsewhere or the anniversary of such a death or deaths, the anniversaries of a significant natural or man-made disaster occurring either in the country or another country, wartime commemorations or in memory of the victims of a terrorist attack. Flying a national or military flag of that country at half-staff is a common symbol.


The following are lists for national days of mourning across the world:

Selected list of figures recognized

State officials

International days of mourning

A similar but rarely-used concept exists at the European Union-level and is called a European Day of Mourning. The European Commission first introduced the concept on 12 September 2001, when a day of mourning was declared across EU member states for the victims of the terrorist attacks in the United States. A second day of mourning was held in November 2015 for the victims of the Paris attacks.

Remembrance events

While not the same as a national day of mourning, some remembrance events and protests are called a "day of mourning".

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