Nevvare Hanım

Nevvare Hanım
Nevvare Hanım.jpg
Born Ayşe Çıhçı
4 May 1901
Derbent, Ottoman Empire
Died 13 June 1992(1992-06-13) (aged 91)
Derbent, Turkey
Derbent cemetery
    (m. 1919; div. 1924)
      Mevlüd Bey
      (m. 1926; died 1974)
      Turkish: Nevvare Hanım
      Ottoman Turkish: نوارہ خانم
      House Çıhçı (by birth)
      Ottoman (by marriage)
      Father Mustafa Çıhcı
      Mother Hafize Kap-Ipha
      Religion Sunni Islam

      Nevvare Hanım (Ottoman Turkish: نوارہ خانم; born Ayşe Çıhçı; 4 May 1901 – 13 June 1992) was the fourth wife of Sultan Mehmed VI of the Ottoman Empire.[1]

      Early life

      Nevvare Hanım was born on 4 May 1901[1] in Derbent, Ottoman Empire.[2] Born as Ayşe Çıhçı, she was a member of Abkhazian noble family, Çıhçı. Her father was Mustafa Bey Çıhcı, and her mother was Hafize Hanım Kap-Ipha.[3]

      As a young child, she had been sent to live-in Mehmed's Çengelköy mansion when he had been a prince, where after sometime she became a lady-in-waiting to Müveddet Kadın. Here her name according to the custom of the Ottoman court was Nevvare.[4]

      First marriage

      Mansion belonging to Nevvare Hanım

      Nevvare married Mehmed on 20 June 1918 in the Dolmabahçe Palace.[1][5][2] Mehmed was fifty seven, while Nevvare was seventeen years old. Nevvare remained childless. After Mehmed's accession to the throne on 4 July 1918,[6] She was given the title of "Senior Ikbal".[7] She was given a mansion on the grounds of the Yıldız Palace.[3]

      After Mehmed's deposition in 1922, he was sent into exile in San Remo. She, like rest of the family members, was imprisoned in Feriye Palace. During their stay in the Feriye, Nevvare became so sick that she had to be taken to a hospital. She wasn't issued a passport, and it was decided that she should join the others once she felt a little better. And so on 6 March 1924, her parents took her to her hometown in Derbent.[8] After she regained her health, she wrote to the Sultan, and asked him for a divorce. And so she was granted divorce on 20 March 1924.[9][1]

      Second marriage

      In 1927, Nevvare married a trader named Mevlüd Sönmezler.[10] They first settled in Ferenyolu, then in Derbent.[9]


      Nevvare died on 13 June 1992 at the age of ninety-one in Derbent, and was buried in a cemetery in Derbent.[9]

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