New Amsterdam (2018 TV series)

New Amsterdam
Genre Medical drama
Created by David Schulner
Based on Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital
by Eric Manheimer
Composer Craig Wedren
Country of origin United States
Original language English
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 67 (list of episodes)
Executive producers
  • Graham Norris
  • Eric Manheimer
  • David Declerque
  • Mark A. Baker
Production location New York City
Camera setup Single-camera
Running time 43 minutes
Production companies
Distributor NBCUniversal Television Distribution
Original network NBC
Picture format HDTV 1080i
Original release September 25, 2018 (2018-09-25) –
present (present)
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New Amsterdam is an American medical drama television series, based on the book Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital by Eric Manheimer, that premiered on September 25, 2018 on NBC. The series was created by David Schulner and stars Ryan Eggold, Freema Agyeman, Janet Montgomery, Jocko Sims, Anupam Kher, and Tyler Labine. In February 2019, it was announced that the series had been renewed for a second season, which premiered on September 24, 2019. In January 2020, NBC renewed the series for three additional seasons. The third season premiered on March 2, 2021.[1] The fourth season premiered on September 21, 2021.[2]


New Amsterdam follows Dr. Max Goodwin as he becomes the medical director of one of the United States' oldest public hospitals, aiming to reform the neglected facility by tearing up its bureaucracy to provide exceptional care to patients.

Cast and characters



  • Alejandro Hernandez as Casey Acosta, an ED nurse
  • Em Grosland as Kai Brunstetter, an ED nurse
  • Christine Chang as Dr. Agnes Kao
  • Megan Byrne as Gladys, Dr. Frome's secretary
  • Debra Monk as Karen Brantley
  • Stacey Raymond as Kerry Whitaker, a paramedic
  • Margot Bingham as Evie Garrison (seasons 1–3)
  • Dierdre Friel as Ella (seasons 1–3)
  • Emma Ramos as Mariana, an ED resident (seasons 1–3)
  • Matthew Jeffers as Mark Walsh, an ED resident
  • Zabryna Guevara as Dora, Dr. Goodwin's assistant (seasons 1–3)
  • Shiva Kalaiselvan as Leyla Shinwari (season 3–present)[4]
  • Lisa O'Hare as Georgia Goodwin, Dr. Goodwin's wife (seasons 1–2)
  • Michael Basile as Paramedic Moreland
  • Mike Doyle as Dr. Martin Mclntyre, Dr. Frome's husband who works at a therapist from home
  • Frances Turner as Dr. Linda "Lyn" Malvo (season 3–present), the new head of the OB/GYN Department who becomes involved in a polyamorous relationship with Floyd and her husband, Claude
  • Olivia Khoshatefeh as Yasmin Turan, an ED resident
  • Keren Lugo as Dr. Diana Flores
  • Nana Mensah as Dr. Camila Candelario (seasons 1–2)
  • Nora & Opal Clow as Luna Goodwin (season 3–present)
  • Teresa Patel as Paramedic Harvell
  • Ana Villafañe as Dr. Valentina Castro (season 2)
  • Jennifer Betit Yen as Aimee Kamoe, an OR nurse (season 2–present)
  • Michelle Forbes as Dr. Veronica Fuentes (season 4)[5]
  • JJ Feild as Dr. Zach Ligon, a physical therapist (season 2)
  • Sendhil Ramamurthy as Dr. Akash Panthaki (season 1)
  • Ron Rifkin as Peter Fulton, former dean of the hospital (seasons 1–2)
  • Daniel Dae Kim as Dr. Cassian Shin, a trauma surgeon (seasons 2–3)
  • Vandit Bhatt as Rohan, Dr. Kapoor's son (seasons 1–2)
  • Alison Luff as Alice Healy (season 2)
  • Michelle Federer as Millie Tamberlay (season 1–3)
  • Gina Gershon as Jeanie Bloom (season 2–present)[6]
  • Sandra Mae Frank as Dr. Elizabeth Wilder, new Chief of Oncology (season 4-present)
  • Conner Marx as Ben Meyer, ASL interpreter that works with Dr. Wilder (season 4-present)
  • André Blake as Dr. Claude Baptiste (season 3–present), Lyn's cardiovascular surgeon husband and the former head of cardiac surgery
  • Ryan Faucett as Dr. Trevor Vaughn (season 4–present), a flirtatious psychiatrist hired by Iggy to be his Behavioral Health Specialist


Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 22 September 25, 2018 (2018-09-25) May 14, 2019 (2019-05-14)
2 18 September 24, 2019 (2019-09-24) April 14, 2020 (2020-04-14)
3 14 March 2, 2021 (2021-03-02) June 8, 2021 (2021-06-08)
4 TBA September 21, 2021 (2021-09-21) TBA

Season 1 (2018–19)

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date U.S. viewers
1 1 "Pilot" Kate Dennis David Schulner September 25, 2018 (2018-09-25) 8.39[7]
Dr. Max Goodwin, the new Medical Director at New Amsterdam hospital, begins his job by meeting with all the staff. He fires the whole cardio-thoracic surgical department. The head of emergency, Dr. Lauren Bloom, asks to eliminate the waiting room and send patients straight to beds. Dr. Iggy Frome, chief of psychiatry, asks for better food. Max asks Dr. Bloom to take a biopsy of his throat. He hires Dr. Floyd Reynolds back, asking him to create a new Department of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, and butts heads with the chief of oncology, Dr. Helen Sharpe. Bloom recognizes that a woman brought in DOA is still alive. Neurosurgeon Dr. Kapoor focuses on talking to the patient and her husband. Bloom recognizes that a child from Africa may be presenting with Ebola. Frome is dealing with Jemma, a teenage patient who has been repeatedly abused.
2 2 "Rituals" Peter Horton David Schulner October 2, 2018 (2018-10-02) 7.44[8]
Max finds out that he has cancer and looks to Dr. Sharpe for help, although every time she tries to explain things to him he can't seem to make time for her. Dr. Frome and Dr. Kapoor attempt to help a pediatric patient. Dr. Bloom tries to convince Dr. Reynolds that they might have something that is worth while and that not dating her for her skin color is not right. Max must deal with a crisis after his pregnant wife is admitted to the hospital with their unborn child's life in danger. As Dr. Sharpe continues to try to convince Max to make a plan about his cancer diagnosis he continues to try to convince her that although bringing in money to the hospital is important they're in the business of saving lives and that is more important.
3 3 "Every Last Minute" Jonas Pate Shaun Cassidy October 9, 2018 (2018-10-09) 7.04[9]
Dr. Fulton is unhappy with all the changes that Max has been making at New Amsterdam. Dr. Frome and Dr. Kapoor try to diagnose a patient who believes he is dead and invisible, but they accidentally lose the patient who wanders off. Dr. Bloom treats a patient that is an inmate at Rikers. The young inmate is pregnant and is desperate not to give birth while in prison. Max gives the widow of a wealthy donor a tour of the hospital in hope of convincing her to donate 10 million dollars to New Amsterdam, but instead convinces her to donate the money to fund a new nursery and a kangaroo care unit at Rikers Island for babies born to inmates in the prison.
4 4 "Boundaries" Kate Dennis David Foster October 16, 2018 (2018-10-16) 6.27[10]
Dr. Frome is excited that his community garden has been funded, but is horrified that it is sponsored by Volt Cola. It is the annual cardiothoracic surgeon conference and Baptist's cardiothoracic surgeon suffers a medical emergency forcing New Amsterdam to pick up the overflow as Baptist cannot accept ambulances without a cardiothoracic surgeon. Dr. Bloom works to keep the ED running smoothly as they receive the additional patients. One of the residents accidentally takes her Adderall, which was hidden in an ibuprofen bottle. Dr. Sharpe deals with a young girl whose cancer has returned and is now terminal. Max finds a homeless woman with an infected foot who at first rejects medical treatment, but then also asks Max to help her brother.
5 5 "Cavitation" Darnell Martin Erika Green Swafford October 23, 2018 (2018-10-23) 6.37[11]
A journalist visits New Amsterdam and is given full access and agrees to shadow Max for the entire day. Max's voice is hoarse and Dr. Sharpe agrees to run a test to see if his cancer has spread. Dr. Kapoor's son comes to visit him at the hospital. Dr. Sharpe visits a fertility doctor and learns that she unlikely to have children without medical intervention. Two young boys come in with gunshot wounds. Initially only one of them seems to be in critical condition, how ever as time progresses the second boy's condition worsens. Despite their best efforts the second boy dies. The journalist writes his article, which praises how hard the doctors worked to save the two boys lives.
6 6 "Anthropocene" Michael Slovis Aaron Ginsburg October 30, 2018 (2018-10-30) 6.66[12]
The doctors at New Amsterdam prepare for their annual fundraising gala. Dr. Frome's parents are in town and his daughter is excited to see them. Dr. Kapoor tries to give his gala tickets to Ella, but she misunderstands and believes he is inviting her to go with him. Dr. Fulton preps Max for the gala and reiterates the importance of raising money for the hospital. Dr. Reynolds treats a Rikers inmate who claims that the guards are drugging them. Dr. Bloom, Dr. Kapoor, and Dr. Sharpe treat a father and son who begin displaying strange symptoms and later both the father and son have seizures. Georgia surprises Max and attends the gala and manages to secure donations. At the end of the night Max reveals his cancer diagnosis to her.
7 7 "Domino Effect" Laura Belsey Y. Shireen Razack November 13, 2018 (2018-11-13) 6.02[13]
Max and Georgia talk to Dr. Sharpe about his cancer treatment. He has been putting off having his back molars removed as they are in the way of radiation that will be used. All of the doctors work to coordinate a domino surgery with two other hospitals. When the first donor pulls out the entire domino surgery is put in jeopardy. A man and his daughter come in, with the daughter needing new lungs. With the father's willingness to donate to a complete stranger they are able to go through with the domino surgery and also save his daughter's life. Max finally has his oral surgery to have his molars removed.
8 8 "Three Dots" Jamie Payne Cami Delavigne November 20, 2018 (2018-11-20) 5.82[14]
Dr. Kapoor is handling a patient named Amy, a young Asian-American that has been suffering from migraines. He refers her to Dr. Frome after medication does not help, saying that the migraines may be stress induced. Her mother however refuses, saying that Amy's headaches are not due to stress. Amy ends up jumping in front of an F train as they leave to go home and ends up back at the ER. Dr. Kapoor, Dr. Frome, and Max work to try to figure out a way to get Amy the help she needs. Max faces his own fears about his cancer when he becomes close to a patient that is a Rabbi. The Rabbi initially refuses his high risk surgery, but decides to move forward with it after Max reveals to him that he has cancer. After Max informs Dr. Sharpe that he wants to find a clinical trial instead of moving forward with the planned chemo and radiation, she says there are complications which would hurt his quality of life.
9 9 "As Long As It Takes" Andrew McCarthy Graham Norris November 27, 2018 (2018-11-27) 6.26[15]
Dr. Sharpe looks in to getting Max in a clinical trial for his cancer. The trial director accepts Max as a patient, but also asks her out on a date after they hit it off well with each other. Dr. Frome deals with a trans teen that is eager to have surgery to complete his transition. But his parents refuse. Meanwhile, Dr. Bloom is confronted about her exhaustion and the errors she has been making in the ER. Sarah, the woman that received Luna's heart, is admitted in to the hospital and it is determined she needs a new heart. Max ends up becoming emotionally invested in her case. While out in a remote location to scatter the cremated remains of his sister's heart Max ends up collapsing while alone with Georgia.
10 10 "Six or Seven Minutes" Stephen Kay Laura Valdivia January 8, 2019 (2019-01-08) 5.35[16]
Georgia performs a tracheotomy on Max with Dr. Sharpe's guidance and Max is taken to New Amsterdam Hospital. We see flashbacks to when Max and Georgia met, their engagement, and what happened right before he took his new job at New Amsterdam. Everyone is informed by Dr. Sharpe of Max's cancer diagnosis. Dr. Bloom hands Max's case off to another ER doctor and eventually admits to Dr. Sharpe that she is exhausted from overworking and had planned to ask Max for some time off. Meanwhile, Dr. Fulton takes over as temporary Medical Director. Dr. Reynolds performs a surgery that Dr. Fulton originally denied and offers to pay for it himself. The doctors realize how much Max has impacted them and the hospital. Max wakes up and decides to step down and go through with chemo, but all the doctors including Dr. Fulton want him to remain as Medical Director while receiving treatment and agree to help pick up the slack.
11 11 "A Seat at the Table" So Yong Kim Jiréh Breon Holder January 15, 2019 (2019-01-15) 5.61[17]
Max begins chemo, but refuses to sit for the three hour sessions, instead taking his IV pole with him as he continues to work. After a few days he starts to feel fatigued from the chemo and finally admits to Dr. Sharpe that he doesn't want people to see him in a weakened state. At the same time he tries to help save the hospital money by providing a homeless patient, whose frequent hospital visits has costs New Amsterdam over a million dollars in one year, an apartment. He realizes though that the patient simply likes being in the hospital and gives him a job. Dr. Frome works with a father whose son experiences hallucinations of a wolf attacking him. Dr. Sharpe tries to confront Dr. Bloom about her admission of being overworked. Dr. Reynolds is forced to admit to something that happened to him while he was an intern in Connecticut that a reporter digs up.
12 12 "Anima Sola" Michael Slovis Aaron Ginsburg January 22, 2019 (2019-01-22) 5.76[18]
Dr. Frome reports a veteran surgeon at New Amsterdam who he believes is no longer capable of performing surgery. He and Max end up having him stay on in a consulting role. Dr. Sharpe struggles with Dr. Bloom, who is still practicing even after admitting to abusing Adderall. They work on treating a group of vineyard workers that come in with similar symptoms. Dr. Sharpe has trouble putting faith in Dr. Bloom because of her admission and realizes that the relationship and work environment is no longer sustainable. She ends up reporting her to Max. Dr. Kapoor and Dr. Reynolds work together to treat a mother who became blind after spending 9 months in the ICU after giving birth to her daughter. Max begins to feel nausea caused by his chemo and struggles to keep up with his day to day responsibilities. He has his first round of radiation and immediately feels soreness in his throat.
13 13 "The Blues" Nick Gomez David Foster February 12, 2019 (2019-02-12) 5.69[19]
Dr. Bloom is required to be evaluated by Dr. Frome and eventually opens up about her family and how she left behind her struggling mother and younger sister to go to school in Washington instead of staying behind in New York to care for them. She reveals that her sister is in rehab and that she feels responsible for what happened. Max tries to find employees at the hospital that are doing obsolete jobs, but does not want to fire them, but find them a new job at the hospital. Dr. Kapoor struggles to figure out what is going on between his son and the woman at the coffee stand he likes. He ends up making the situation worse and breaks down in tears.
14 14 "The Foresaken" Michael Slovis Y. Shireen Razack February 19, 2019 (2019-02-19) 5.58[20]
Dr. Bloom is on leave so Dr. Candelario takes charge of the ED and implements new rules including a 10 minute limit to consult and diagnose for efficiency. Dr. Reynolds learns what happened to Dr. Bloom and goes to visit her. Dr. Sharpe finds a drug addict mother and her baby outside the hospital. The mother ends up giving up the baby, who is in withdrawal. Dr. Sharpe becomes attached to the baby girl and even considers adopting her, believing it's a sign from the universe as she is desperate to have children, but would have difficulty conceiving. However the baby's father comes to claim his daughter explaining that he only found out about her and his ex after it was too late. Dr. Sharpe learns that Dr. Panthaki has two children from a previous relationship. Max works to save Dr. Fulton's job as Dean, but in the end is unsuccessful. Dr. Fulton tells Max that hiring him as Medical Director was the best thing he ever did and hopes that Max can save the hospital.
15 15 "Croaklahoma" Laura Belsey Cami Delavigne March 5, 2019 (2019-03-05) 5.82[21]
Max finds it difficult to listen to his fellow chemo patients cracking jokes about their cancer and realizes that the reality of his diagnosis and prognosis has hit him hard and finds little humor. This spills over in to the birthing class he attends with Georgia as well as criticizing Dr. Sharpe after one of the chemo patients gets an infection. The Pope is at New Amsterdam giving a presentation and the staff butt heads with his staff and security. Dr. Kapoor and Dr. Frome are detained after their actions and comments are accidentally interpreted as death threats to the Pope. Dr. Reynolds and Max work to help a family that is struggling to pay for their son's anti rejection medication after receiving a heart transplant. Dr. Sharpe finds herself overly involved in one of her patients after his legal guardian attempts to protect him from his girlfriend who he believes does not have his best interests at heart.
16 16 "King of Swords" Darnell Martin Laura Valdivia March 12, 2019 (2019-03-12) 5.98[22]
A historic blizzard hits New York City, crippling the city. Max discovers that a nearby accident is making it impossible for ambulances to reach New Amsterdam and decides to send out doctors and nurses, dispatched in teams of two, to the patients instead. Dr. Reynolds tries to save a man who slipped and impaled himself on a fence spike while rushing home to deliver his husband's insulin. Dr. Frome gets stuck on the roof with a suicidal patient while attempting to fix his weather antenna. Dr. Kapoor's patient ends up in critical condition and most likely won't survive through the night; he goes out in the blizzard to retrieve her husband. Max and Dr. Sharpe respond to an unresponsive woman, who claims to be psychic and says things to both Max and Dr. Sharpe, which cause them to evaluate their relationship with each other. As they return to the hospital and Dr. Sharpe begins telling Max how she feels, the hospital's power goes out. Meanwhile, Dr. Bloom struggles at rehab, dodging requests to help a patient that has overdosed and stealing medication.
17 17 "Sanctuary" Jamie Payne Shaun Cassidy & Erika Green Swafford April 9, 2019 (2019-04-09) 4.61[23]
During a power outage, Max and Dr. Sharpe attempt to calm patients. Their one maintenance worker activates a backup battery that will provide a floor of the hospital for a few hours and attempts to fix the backup generator, but is electrocuted. Dr. Reynolds with assistance from Dr. Candelario attempts open heart surgery without aid from machines while the power is out. Dr. Kapoor and Dr. Hartman are stuck in an elevator and attempt to help Agnes treat a new mother. Dr. Frome suggests asking a Riker's inmate that used to work for DWP who is at the hospital to help fix the generator. The inmate is reluctant at first, but eventually succeeds in getting the generator back up. Dr. Sharpe confronts Max and admits that she cannot be his friend, doctor, and Deputy Medical Director, finding the combination of the duties too difficult to manage. She tells him that she will be passing his cancer treatment to another doctor.
18 18 "Five Miles West" Kristi Zea Graham Norris April 16, 2019 (2019-04-16) 4.47[24]
Max meets his new oncologist, Dr. Stauton, a no-nonsense woman that is not pleased at his inconsistent chemo and radiation schedule. She immediately schedules his next radiation treatment. Max learns that the hospital plans to sell medical debt off, and to help, he instead has the former patients work off their bill by providing services to the hospital. He reschedules his radiation session and receives a rude awakening from Dr. Stauton about the reality of his situation. Dr. Sharpe and Dr. Reynolds attempt to diagnose a patient with cystic fibrosis, but soon discover she had stopped taking one of her medications. Dr. Frome and Max work to try to reunite a father whose son was born unexpectedly at New Amsterdam after the surrogate mother requires an emergency c-section and enters a coma. Their surrogacy contract that was signed in New Jersey is not recognized in New York and the mother's parents initially refuse to hand the child over even though the child is not biologically their daughter's.
19 19 "Happy Place" Ellen S. Pressman Josh Carlebach & Jiréh Breon Holder April 23, 2019 (2019-04-23) 5.18[25]
Dr. Stauton wants Max to have a feeding tube inserted since he has lost weight because of the nausea resulting from his chemo and his throat being raw from radiation. He reluctantly agrees. An NYPD officer who was run over during a traffic stop arrives in the ED along with her partner and many of her colleagues. It is initially thought that the man who struck her was drunk behind the wheel, but Dr. Sharpe learns that he suffered a stroke and is ill. Dr. Reynolds performs the officer's surgery, but she doesn't make it. The officers decide to donate money their fallen comrade would've received to help pay for his treatment so he can recover. Dr. Kapoor and Dr. Frome work with a deaf patient who just received a cochlear implant. And Dr. Frome faces the fact that Jemma no longer needs him.
20 20 "Preventable" Thomas Carter Aaron Ginsburg April 30, 2019 (2019-04-30) 5.24[26]
The side effects of Max's chemo worsen and he starts developing mood swings. Dr. Reynolds leads a morbidity and mortality (M&M) conference about the police officer that died in the previous episode, but Max ends up insulting Dr. Reynolds in front of his colleagues and staff, causing a rift between the two. Dr. Sharpe sees Max's mood has changed, she talks to Dr. Stauton and learns that Max's cancer is not responding to the chemo or radiation. Dr. Reynolds realizes that Max is having difficulty accepting that people can die for no reason and the two reconcile. He tells Max to fight for his life and Max agrees to do an experimental treatment that involves a double dosage of chemo. Dr. Kapoor deals with a patient leaving him poor reviews. Dr. Frome works with a patient whose mother has taken a new job in Missouri and is very reluctant to move back with her. The social worker assigned to the case believes that Dr. Frome's relationship with the boy and his other patients cross a line and files a formal complaint and investigation against him.
21 21 "This is Not the End" Michael Slovis David Foster May 7, 2019 (2019-05-07) 5.19[27]
Max has begun his new treatment and his tumor has begun to shrink, but he is gravely weakened by the double dose of chemo. He also creates a New Amsterdam family insurance plan, much to the dismay of Karen Brantley. Dr. Kapoor helps a mother and son both diagnosed with tuberculosis stay connected to their family. Dr. Sharpe and Ms. Dobbs begin their review of Dr. Frome and it becomes clear that his relationships with his patients go beyond normal therapeutic relationships. However, Dr. Frome admits that he is causing patients to only want to talk to him about such issues making him rethink the way he treats his patients. Dr. Sharpe is taken aback by Max's state and decides to find another means of treatment for him and send him home. Her re-commitment to Max puts a strain on her relationship with Dr. Panthaki. Dr. Bloom returns with the intent of resigning and looks for Max. She finally tracks him down to his apartment where she finds him covered in blood.
22 22 "Luna" Peter Horton David Schulner May 14, 2019 (2019-05-14) 5.54[28]
Georgia is bleeding out after her placenta is ruptured, so Dr. Bloom and Max work quickly to try to save her life as well as the unborn baby. Dr. Bloom is forced to perform a c-section before the ambulance arrives. Dr. Sharpe and the paramedics arrive in the nick of time to save Georgia's life. Dr. Frome and Dr. Kapoor are treating a man with severe PTSD from a pipe bomb explosion at a club. Dr. Frome struggles with not crossing any ethical barriers after accusations were brought against him, with Dr. Kapoor providing him with support and counsel. Dr. Reynolds brings Evie home for a family dinner with the intent of proposing with the family ring, but his mother questions the match. Without the support of his family, he proposes without a ring in the middle of the street. Nurse Acosta deals with an uncooperative lawyer that has ingested a balloon of cocaine. He realizes too late that the lawyer has escaped from police custody and commandeered an ambulance, which he crashes into the ambulance that was bringing Max, Georgia, Luna, Dr. Sharpe, and Dr. Bloom to New Amsterdam. Max appears to have survived the crash simply dazed holding Luna. Someone is shown getting covered by a white sheet, but it's unknown who that person is.

Season 2 (2019–20)

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date U.S. viewers
23 1 "Your Turn" Michael Slovis David Schulner September 24, 2019 (2019-09-24) 5.91[29]
Three months since the accident, Max goes to the hospital with Luna. Through flashbacks, the full aftermath of the accident is gradually shown. Dr Sharpe survived after being thrown from the vehicle and has returned to fundraising. She reluctantly rehires her former colleague, Dr Castro, who has been treating Max. Dr Bloom also survived and returns to work as the head of the ED, but is shown to be in extreme pain. Dr Kapoor tries to overcome the stigma of being a senior doctor and successfully diagnoses a patient. Dr Frome struggles with home and work-life balance and tells his husband that he wants to adopt another child. Dr Reynolds attempts to keep in touch with his fiancée and mentor an intern. Max throws himself back into work and helps a patient struggling to afford insulin. At the end, it is shown that although Georgia survived the initial crash, there was a bleed in her brain and she fell unconscious and later died on the operating table.
24 2 "The Big Picture" Don Scardino Jiréh Breon Holder October 1, 2019 (2019-10-01) 5.29[30]
Max continues to plow ahead forward and decides to hold a hospital wide census to get to know the staff and learn how to help them. He discovers that a majority of the staff are lacking time for themselves and their families and helps them to pool funds together to charter a bus that will cut down on commute time for the staff. Dr Kapoor is worried that Max is not grieving properly after losing Georgia, but realizes that he is in his own way. Dr Sharpe hesitantly works with Dr Castro to identify patients that can receive the targeted therapy and reconnects with her Euchre patients after none of them are found to be eligible. Dr Bloom struggles to deal with her leg pain without pain medication and ends up sleeping with her PT doctor. Dr Reynolds works with one of his interns who makes a critical error while distracted in the ER. Dr Frome attempts to start a class for Rikers inmates to improve their quality of life.
25 3 "Replacement" Jamie Payne Aaron Ginsburg October 8, 2019 (2019-10-08) 5.27[31]
Max interviews candidates to replace his former assistant, Dora, who left for a new job. He ends up hiring a veteran Todd, who desperately needs a job, over other qualified candidates. Dr Reynolds finds himself performing a repeat surgery on a patient who injured herself. Max attempts to start a visiting nurse service, but is shot down by the board. He then attempts to nominate a new board member who would side with him. He ends up successfully nominating Todd to the board. Dr Frome and Dr Kapoor deal with a unit outbreak, which seems to be caused by mass hysteria, but the original patient does not get better; it is revealed she had a benign brain tumor. Dr Sharpe takes on a medical device company and their metal coated hip prosthetics, which can cause poisoning. Dr Kapoor learns that his son has abandoned his pregnant girlfriend, Ella.
26 4 "The Denominator" Michael Slovis David Foster October 15, 2019 (2019-10-15) 4.95[32]
Max attempts to help the neighborhood after an African American man collapses from undiagnosed hypertension. He is met with resistance from the African American community when he tries to set up shop in a local barber shop to take blood pressure readings from the customers. He instead chooses to teach the barber how to take blood pressures and when to prescribe medication under his remote supervision. Dr Bloom still struggles with her pain management while still having sex with her physical therapist. Dr Sharpe helps one of Dr Castro's cancer patients take control of her life again. Dr Frome and Dr Kapoor take on the city after it ended up poisoning an entire neighborhood with lead paint. Dr Kapoor is thrilled with the prospect of becoming a grandfather, but Ella reveals to him that she might not keep the baby.
27 5 "The Karman Line" Nick Gomez Laura Valdivia October 22, 2019 (2019-10-22) 5.13[33]
Dr Sharpe works with a patient who was diagnosed with cancer, but would like to have a baby. Her insurance however stopped covering surrogacy three weeks ago. Max attempts to appeal to the insurance company, but finds trouble finding the right person to talk to about the case. He finally connects with an appeals agent that helps him get the patient's surrogacy covered. Dr Reynolds treats a patient that is about to be launched to the international space station and is desperate not to get grounded. Dr Frome encounters a girl with psychopathic tendencies and tries to prevent her from being sent to corrections. Dr Bloom finally has a break through and decides to attend an NA meeting only to run in to Dr Ligon.
28 6 "Righteous Right Hand" Peter Horton Erika Green Swafford October 29, 2019 (2019-10-29) 5.16[34]
A church van is involved in a car accident right near New Amsterdam and the majority of the passengers are not seriously injured, but all of them seem to have other pre-existing conditions that the hospital proceeds to treat. Max is suspicious and the driver of the van confesses that she took out the extra accident insurance with the intent of crashing the van to provide much needed health care to members of the congregation. Dr Kapoor and Dr Sharpe work to help mend relationships between two sisters, one of them needing a kidney from the other. Dr Frome works with a young girl who is pregnant and desires an abortion, but her guardian opposes the procedure.
29 7 "Good Soldiers" Rachel Leiterman Shaun Cassidy November 5, 2019 (2019-11-05) 4.96[35]
Dr Sharpe realizes one her patients, who is paralyzed due to what they believe was a tumor on her spine, was actually paralyzed by surgeon error, which was then covered up. Max works to uncover the truth, which leads him to Dr Fulton who admits to the cover up. The patient threatens to sue the hospital, but is satisfied with the settlement offered by the hospital. Dr Bloom learns that she will need to take painkillers after her next surgery and struggles with the idea of relapsing. Dr Reynolds decides to invite his father to his wedding after dealing with a young girl with leukemia who does not know her father is alive. Dr Kapoor has one of his patients join Dr Frome's group for veterans with PTSD.
30 8 "What the Heart Wants" Don Scardino Y. Shireen Razack November 12, 2019 (2019-11-12) 5.06[36]
Helen is put in hot water when she tries to help a patient who has turned to heroin to ease her pain. A pregnant woman is forced to deliver her stillborn baby. Max tries to comfort her and to get her to hold the child as an effort to say goodbye and to grieve over the loss. Martin discovers Iggy's plans to try to adopt another child, and an argument ensues. Max finally lets go of his hallucinations of his dead wife.
31 9 "The Island" Michael Slovis Graham Norris November 19, 2019 (2019-11-19) 5.46[37]
The team heads to Riker's Island to help prisoners and they have tough decisions to make as they deal with every situation at The Island. Max and Helen diagnose a prisoner in solitary, as not mentally ill, but under the effect of an illness. A brawl starts up and some prisoners end up hurt and head to New Amsterdam. One of the prisoners says she was turning state witness and that people want her dead. The end of the episode ends with prisoners plotting.
32 10 "Code Silver" Craig Zisk Leah Nanako Winkler January 14, 2020 (2020-01-14) 4.98[38]
Max and Helen do whatever they can to help the hospital when the prisoners escape and cause a lockdown. Helen is taken off Co Director duties and off the Chair of the Oncology for helping a patient access a safe site to inject. Ella is supported by Dr Kapoor after she experiences panic attacks about being without her OCD meds while pregnant. Dr Frome questions himself after an argument with his husband and is forced to see himself for what he is, ironically, by the therapist that he has just fired. Dr Bloom has her surgery and during the lockdown, must cut out a patients appendix, even though standing will hurt her leg. Her physical therapist admits to taking her meds and she breaks up with him. The prisoners set out to try and kill the other prisoner turning state witness. Dr Reynolds is stabbed trying to protect her. Dr Reynolds makes a decision about his girlfriend and mentions that maybe San Francisco would be a good place to live.
33 11 "Hiding Behind My Smile" Lucy Liu David Foster January 21, 2020 (2020-01-21) 4.71[39]
Max takes Luna in for her six-month well-child checkup and bonds with a fellow single parent. Right before going in for the appointment, he implements a new plan to not use any screens while talking and treating patients, favoring active listening and earnest dialoguing. Dr Sharpe struggles with having been demoted from her prior roles as department head and Max's deputy director, but is still looked to by the other doctors as someone who can do as Max would have done had he been present, which also impresses the head of the hospital board of directors. Dr Frome struggles with another psychiatrist's evaluation of him and his own self-loathing and eats an unhealthy amount of snack cakes. Dr Reynolds struggles to tell Max that he plans to leave New Amsterdam to be with his fiancée, with Max only understanding enough to agree to work around his situation. Dr Bloom finds a good use for her family's money after meeting an elderly fellow named Eli (Guest starring Austin Pendleton). Dr Reynold's operates on a marine who has a very unusual blood type that doesn't accept normal blood transfusions, with the help of Dr Helen. Vejay offers his house for Ella to stay in instead of going to Idaho with her parents. It doesn't go well at the start and Vejay must makes changes.
34 12 "14 Years, 2 Months, 8 Days" Seith Mann Aaron Ginsburg January 28, 2020 (2020-01-28) 4.87[40]
Max takes strides with having a playdate, not a real date, for Luna. Dr Reynolds struggles to tell Max his decision. We see flashbacks of Dr Kapoor treating a patient who has been in a coma for 14 years, and how the family deals with that. The ED is in chaos when the system is being updated and they resort to use, gasp, paper and pen instead. A young honours kid has a brush wish death because of e-vaping. Dr Castro is a little too selective in her new trial which upsets Helen, who Castro reminds has no voice as she was demoted. A woman with colitis mentions self harm and Dr Frome and Helen tweak the facts to help her.
35 13 "In the Graveyard" Darnell Martin Josh Carlebach February 11, 2020 (2020-02-11) 4.47[41]
Max creates a palliative care wing in New Amsterdam, humorously dubbed the graveyard.
36 14 "Sabbath" Ryan Eggold Teleplay by : David Schulner
Story by : Marc Gaffen & David Schulner
February 18, 2020 (2020-02-18) 4.71[42]
A woman comes in after hitting her head and her mysterious disease moves at a rapid speed. Max is forced to cut $2 million from the hospital budget.
37 15 "Double Blind" Allison Liddi-Brown Shaun Cassidy February 25, 2020 (2020-02-25) 5.16[43]
Max tries to find a way to end the opioid crisis causing chaos on the behest of the Head Board Chair. Dr Frome meets with an engaged couple who recently discovered that they were related. Helen believes that Dr Castro is skewing the results of her drug study. Max takes a step towards something more with his new Alice. Dr Bloom confronts her mum about being horrible for the last 15 years, but it does not end well. Vejay tries to fix an elderly fellow but all his symptoms don't check out with his personality.
38 16 "Perspectives" Craig Zisk Y. Shireen Razack March 10, 2020 (2020-03-10) 4.44[44]
Max's relationship with Alice steps up. Dr Frome speaks with a girl who is traumatized by a “school shooting drill.” Dr Bloom deals with her past regarding her mother's alcoholism and worries that her drug use may have the same effect. Dr Bloom, Dr Reynolds and Max are all served and have pre- disposition meetings through Evie, which even though they are not guilty, makes them seem like they are. Vejay gets superstitious about Ella's new black cat. Valentina's trial goes bad and Helen gives her an out, of New Amsterdam.
39 17 "Liftoff" Kristi Zea Graham Norris March 17, 2020 (2020-03-17) 5.20[45]
People are surprised that Dr Reynolds is still there as they assumed he had left already. He discovers, and is inadvertently trapped in an elevator shaft with, a young man who is bleeding out. Max looks for an alternative to crowdfunding as he believes it is unfair. Dr Sharpe prepares for a “Fight Cancer” charity event and discovers how the young cancer survivors feel. In the end, everyone bids a fond farewell to Dr Reynolds as he leaves New Amsterdam for San Francisco.
40 18 "Matter of Seconds" Dinh Thai Aaron Ginsburg April 14, 2020 (2020-04-14) 6.03[46]

This episode opens with a message from actors Ryan Eggold and Daniel Dae Kim, explaining that "Matter of Seconds" replaced the scheduled episode "Pandemic" because its events were too similar to the actual COVID-19 pandemic. Scenes featuring Kim's character Dr Cassian Shin from "Pandemic" were shown to introduce viewers to the character ahead of his appearance in this episode.

Drs Sharpe, Shin and Bloom try to figure out why the heart rates of multiple ED patients keep suddenly dropping. Dr Frome undertakes a psychological assessment under New York's red flag law, but his patient accuses him of letting his own feelings about gun control cloud his judgement. Max helps a couple whose son has Duchenne muscular dystrophy; watching how they interact as a family leads him to break up with Alice, saying it's unfair to their kids to keep pretending that they're a real family.

Season 3 (2021)

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date U.S. viewers
41 1 "The New Normal" Peter Horton David Schulner March 2, 2021 (2021-03-02) 4.19[47]
New Amsterdam returns amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and the staff must act quickly to save who they can, including multiple victims of a plane crash. Doctor Kapoor is hanging in the balance and no one knows if he's going to make it. Dr. Goodwin calls his former colleague Dr. Floyd Reynolds and he asks "How can I help?".
42 2 "Essential Workers" Michael Slovis David Foster March 9, 2021 (2021-03-09) 4.23[48]
43 3 "Safe Enough" Michael Slovis Shaun Cassidy March 16, 2021 (2021-03-16) 3.64[49]
Max clamors about bringing Luna home. Sharpe breaks down while filming a PSA. Reynolds deals with family issues, which later results in Evie ending their engagement. Frome helps a young girl whose overprotective parents believe she should never go outside during the ongoing pandemic.
44 4 "This is All I Need" Nick Gomez Aaron Ginsburg March 23, 2021 (2021-03-23) 3.96[50]
Sharpe gets devastating news and tries to heal. Cassian helps her grieve. Max is finally able to bring Luna home. Bloom tries to calm frayed nerves when it comes to police and Frome helps a woman who has disbeliefs about a young man that appears to be her son.
45 5 "Blood, Sweat & Tears" Nick Gomez Y. Shireen Razack March 30, 2021 (2021-03-30) 3.44[51]
46 6 "Why Not Yesterday" Darnell Martin Laura Valdivia April 6, 2021 (2021-04-06) 3.60[52]
Dr. Frome is pushed to his limits while dealing with a kid who seems to be hurt. He later confronts two girls who are friends and tries to make sense of it. Meanwhile, Max tries to make the hospital a better place for everyone and hands the Medical Director position to Dr. Sharpe, who is dealing with a family matter. Also, the staff tend to several people who were in an accident and one of the people involved is a man who only goes by the name "Superman". Also, Dr. Reynolds deals with an issue involving his mom and tries to keep everything under control.
47 7 "The Legend of Howie Cournemeyer" Darnell Martin Graham Norris April 13, 2021 (2021-04-13) 3.37[53]
48 8 "Catch" Shiri Appleby Erika Green Swafford April 20, 2021 (2021-04-20) 3.73[54]
49 9 "Disconnected" Lisa Robinson Allen L. Sowelle April 27, 2021 (2021-04-27) 3.10[55]
50 10 "Radical" Darnell Martin Shanthi Sekaran May 4, 2021 (2021-05-04) 3.02[56]
51 11 "Pressure Drop" Michael Slovis Josh Carlebach May 11, 2021 (2021-05-11) 3.27[57]
52 12 "Things Fall Apart" Darnell Martin Graham Norris & Y. Shireen Razack May 18, 2021 (2021-05-18) 3.09[58]
53 13 "Fight Time" Michael Slovis Shaun Cassidy & Laura Valdivia June 1, 2021 (2021-06-01) 3.95[59]
54 14 "Death Begins in Radiology" Peter Horton David Foster & Aaron Ginsburg June 8, 2021 (2021-06-08) 4.10[60]

Season 4 (2021–22)

No. in
Title [61] Directed by Written by Original air date [61] U.S. viewers
55 1 "More Joy" Michael Slovis David Schulner September 21, 2021 (2021-09-21) 3.72[62]
Max and Helen sleep together and then have to navigate their new relationship. Things get complicated when Helen decides that her future is in London, but the two agree to try. In the hospital, an arsonist blows up two rooms and Iggy has to enlist the aid of an inmate to help him profile the unknown criminal. However, the inmate pushes Iggy to the limit in the investigation and he has to realize some truths about himself. Bloom welcomes some new interns to the ED, one of whom is Leyla, who resents the preferential treatment. Floyd and Lyn have to redefine their relationship as Floyd continues to work with Lyn's husband, Dr. Baptiste.
56 2 "We're in This Together" Darnell Martin David Foster September 28, 2021 (2021-09-28) 3.55[63]
57 3 "Same as It Ever Was" Nick Gomez Aaron Ginsburg October 5, 2021 (2021-10-05) 2.86[64]
58 4 "Seed Money" Nestor Carbonell Erika Green Swafford October 12, 2021 (2021-10-12) 3.30[65]
59 5 "This Be the Verse" Lisa Robinson Graham Norris October 19, 2021 (2021-10-19) 3.42[66]
60 6 "Laughter and Hope and a Sock in the Eye" Darnell Martin Laura Valdivia October 26, 2021 (2021-10-26) 3.53[67]
61 7 "Harmony" Dinh Thai Shaun Cassidy November 2, 2021 (2021-11-02) 2.81[68]
62 8 "Paid in Full" Shiri Appleby Aaron Ginsburg November 9, 2021 (2021-11-09) 3.07[69]
63 9 "In a Strange Land" Michael Slovis Shanthi Sekaran November 16, 2021 (2021-11-16) 3.23[70]
64 10 "Death is the Rule. Life is the Exception" Allison Liddi-Brown Teleplay by : Marc Gaffen & David Schulner
Story by : Marc Gaffen
November 23, 2021 (2021-11-23) 3.33[71]
Dr. Max Goodwin and Dr. Helen Sharpe work their last day at New Amsterdam Medical Center. The tension between Reynolds and Baptiste get even more complicated when Malvo reveals she is pregnant. Ten patients die after being exposed to antibiotic resistance bacteria, and Dr. Frome works with a couple who lost their son to the bacteria. Leyla confronts Bloom over her bribe, which leads to the end of their relationship.
65 11 "Talkin' Bout A Revolution" Nick Gomez Graham Norris January 4, 2022 (2022-01-04) 3.27[72]
66 12 "The Crossover" Rachel Leiterman Mona Mansour January 11, 2022 (2022-01-11) 3.13[73]
67 13 "Family" Olenka Denysenko David Foster January 18, 2022 (2022-01-18) 3.45[74]
68 14 "...Unto the Breach" TBA TBA January 25, 2022 (2022-01-25) TBD



On September 25, 2017, NBC announced that it had given the production, then titled Bellevue, a put pilot commitment. The pilot was written by David Schulner, who was also set to executive producer alongside Peter Horton. Eric Manheimer, the former medical director at New York City's Bellevue Hospital, was expected to serve as a producer. Universal Television was the production company involved with the pilot.[75]

On January 12, 2018, it was reported that NBC had given the production an official pilot order. It was further reported that Horton was expected to direct the pilot episode.[76] On May 4, 2018, it was announced that NBC had given the production a series order. It was also reported that Pico Creek Productions and Mount Moriah Productions would serve as additional production companies.[77][78][79] On October 10, 2018, it was announced that NBC had ordered an additional nine episodes of the series, bringing the first season total up to twenty-two episodes.[80] On February 4, 2019, it was announced during the Television Critics Association's annual winter press tour that the series had been renewed for a second season.[81] In January 2020, NBC renewed New Amsterdam for a third, fourth, and fifth season.[82]The fourth season premiered on September 21, 2021.[2]


In February 2018, it was announced that Freema Agyeman, Anupam Kher, Janet Montgomery, and Tyler Labine had been cast in lead roles in the pilot.[83][84][85] In March 2018, it was reported that Ryan Eggold and Jocko Sims had also joined the main cast.[86][87] On September 26, 2018, it was announced that Margot Bingham had joined the cast in a recurring role.[88] On November 6, 2018, it was reported that Sendhil Ramamurthy had been cast in a recurring role.[89] On April 19, 2021, it was reported that Frances Turner had been cast in a recurring role for the third season.[90] In August 2021, it was announced that Michelle Forbes, Sandra Mae Frank, and Chloe Freeman, were cast in recurring roles for the fourth season.[5][91]


Filming for the series takes place at New York City area hospitals including Bellevue Hospital and its surrounding area, Metropolitan Hospital Center, Woodhull Hospital, and Kings County Hospital Center. By October 2018, Universal Television had paid NYC Health + Hospitals, the corporation that oversees New York City's public hospitals, US$665,000 to film in the hospitals. Robert de Luna, a spokesman for Health + Hospitals, said certain areas that are "unoccupied and unstaffed... presents a great opportunity for a production company and a welcome source of revenue for our health system."[92]

On March 12, 2020, production of New Amsterdam and other Universal Television series was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[93] A supply of personal protective equipment used by the series was donated to the New York State Department of Health.[94]


New Amsterdam premiered on NBC on September 25, 2018 at 10 p.m.[95] The second season premiered on September 24, 2019.[96]

The second season's eighteenth episode, "Our Doors Are Always Open" (originally titled "Pandemic"), that was scheduled to air on April 7, 2020,[97][98] was shelved by NBC, as its subject matter (dealing with a flu pandemic in New York City) was considered sensitive due to the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic in New York state. Schulner felt that "the world needs a lot less fiction right now, and a lot more facts". The final episode completed before the suspension of production would be designated as the season finale, and aired on April 14.[98] The third season premiered on March 2, 2021.[1]


On May 13, 2018, NBC released the first official trailer for the series.[99] On June 22, 2018, a screening of the series was held during SeriesFest, an annual international television festival, at the Denver Art Museum's Lewis I. Sharp Auditorium in Denver, Colorado. The screening was followed by a question-and-answer session with series lead Ryan Eggold and executive producers David Schulner and Peter Horton. It was moderated by Vanity Fair's executive West Coast editor, Krista Smith.[100] On September 10, 2018, the series took part in the 12th Annual PaleyFest Fall Television Previews, which featured a preview screening of the series.[101]


In the United Kingdom, the series premiered its first half of Season 1 on Amazon Video on February 8, 2019. Amazon Video releases the series in binge-ready batches, with further episodes released in May 2019 and November 2019.[102]

It was announced on June 1, 2021, that the show was moving from the streaming service to the channel Sky Witness and has premiered in July 2021.[103]


Critical response

On the review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes, the series holds an approval rating of 34% based on reviews from 32 critics, with an average rating of 5.83 out of 10. The website's critical consensus reads, "Overcrowded, overwrought, and overly familiar, New Amsterdam plays more like an exquisite corpse of pre-existing shows than a breakthrough for the genre – though that may be enough for medical drama devotees."[104] On Metacritic, the series has a weighted average score of 47 out of 100 based on 14 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews".[105]

Michael Starr of the New York Post wrote: "New Amsterdam will satisfy fans of the genre. It's somewhat predictable, with a moderate dose of prime-time soapiness. But with Eggold's strong performance and an interesting supporting cast, this show could be the right prescription to attract a following."[106] Robert Lloyd of the Los Angeles Times wrote: "It is as baldly manipulative and corny as heck—the pilot ends with a Coldplay song—and even a little ridiculous. But the actors sell it, and the fact that the action can seem so unlikely oddly just makes it more compelling."[107] Caroline Framke of Variety gave the series a negative review, and was critical of Ryan Eggold in particular: "The problem is that no matter how many side characters and plots the series adds into the mix—and it adds a lot—the doctor who's supposed to be its main catalyst for change is so irritating that he ends up overshadowing the more promising elements."[108]


Viewership and ratings per season of New Amsterdam
Season Timeslot (ET) Episodes First aired Last aired TV season Viewership
Avg. viewers
Date Viewers
Date Viewers
1 Tuesday 10:00 pm[a] 22 September 25, 2018 (2018-09-25) 8.39[7] May 14, 2019 (2019-05-14) 5.54[28] 2018–19 21 10.65[109]
2 18 September 24, 2019 (2019-09-24) 5.91[29] April 14, 2020 (2020-04-14) 6.03[46] 2019–20 18 9.70[110]
3 14 March 2, 2021 (2021-03-02) 4.19[47] June 8, 2021 (2021-06-08) 4.10[60] 2020–21 33 6.96[111]
4 TBA September 21, 2021 (2021-09-21) 3.72[62] TBA TBD 2021–22 TBD TBD
Viewership and ratings per episode of New Amsterdam
No. Title Air date Rating/share
DVR viewers
Total viewers
1 "Pilot" September 25, 2018 1.8/9 8.39[7] 1.3 5.70 3.1 14.10[112]
2 "Rituals" October 2, 2018 1.5/7 7.44[8] 1.4 5.42 2.9 12.86[113]
3 "Every Last Minute" October 9, 2018 1.4/6 7.04[9] 1.4 5.43 2.8 12.47[114]
4 "Boundaries" October 16, 2018 1.2/5 6.27[10] 1.3 5.34 2.5 11.61[115]
5 "Cavitation" October 23, 2018 1.4/6 6.37[11] 1.2 5.14 2.6 11.51[116]
6 "Anthropocene" October 30, 2018 1.3/6 6.66[12] 1.2 5.10 2.5 11.76[117]
7 "Domino Effect" November 13, 2018 1.1/5 6.02[13] 1.3 5.27 2.4 11.29[118]
8 "Three Dots" November 20, 2018 1.1/5 5.82[14] 1.3 5.40 2.4 11.22[119]
9 "As Long As It Takes" November 27, 2018 1.1/5 6.26[15] 1.2 5.13 2.3 11.39[120]
10 "Six or Seven Minutes" January 8, 2019 1.0/4 5.35[16] 1.2 5.17 2.2 10.52[121]
11 "A Seat at the Table" January 15, 2019 1.0/5 5.61[17] 1.3 5.46 2.3 11.07[122]
12 "Anima Sola" January 22, 2019 1.0/5 5.76[18] 1.2 5.40 2.2 11.17[123]
13 "The Blues" February 12, 2019 1.0/4 5.69[19] 1.2 5.41 2.2 11.10[124]
14 "The Foresaken" February 19, 2019 1.0/5 5.58[20] 1.2 5.30 2.2 10.88[125]
15 "Croaklahoma" March 5, 2019 1.0/5 5.82[21] 1.2 5.44 2.2 11.26[126]
16 "King of Swords" March 12, 2019 1.0/5 5.98[22] 1.2 5.22 2.2 11.20[127]
17 "Sanctuary" April 9, 2019 0.7/3 4.61[23] 1.0 4.77 1.7 9.38[128]
18 "Five Miles West" April 16, 2019 0.6/3 4.47[24] 1.0 4.92 1.6 9.39[129]
19 "Happy Place" April 23, 2019 0.8/4 5.18[25] 0.9 4.58 1.7 9.76[130]
20 "Preventable" April 30, 2019 0.8/4 5.24[26] 0.9 4.53 1.7 9.77[131]
21 "This is Not the End" May 7, 2019 0.8/4 5.19[27] 0.8 4.21 1.6 9.40[132]
22 "Luna" May 14, 2019 0.9/4 5.54[28] 1.0 4.57 1.9 10.11[133]
Viewership and ratings per episode of New Amsterdam
No. Title Air date Rating/share
DVR viewers
Total viewers
1 "Your Turn" September 24, 2019 1.0/5 5.91[29] 1.2 5.80 2.2 11.71[134]
2 "The Big Picture" October 1, 2019 0.8/4 5.29[30] 1.0 4.73 1.8 10.03[135]
3 "Replacement" October 8, 2019 0.8/4 5.27[31] 1.0 4.59 1.8 9.87[136]
4 "The Denominator" October 15, 2019 0.8/4 4.95[32] 0.9 4.43 1.7 9.39[137]
5 "The Karman Line" October 22, 2019 0.9/4 5.14[33] 0.9 4.42 1.8 9.56[138]
6 "Righteous Right Hand" October 29, 2019 0.8/4 5.16[34] 0.8 4.25 1.6 9.42[139]
7 "Good Soldiers" November 5, 2019 0.7/4 4.96[35] 0.9 4.70 1.6 9.66[140]
8 "What the Heart Wants" November 12, 2019 0.7/4 5.06[36] 0.9 4.42 1.6 9.48[141]
9 "The Island" November 19, 2019 0.8/4 5.46[37] 0.9 4.26 1.7 9.73[142]
10 "Code Silver" January 14, 2020 0.8/5 4.98[38] 0.9 4.78 1.7 9.76[143]
11 "Hiding Behind My Smile" January 21, 2020 0.7/4 4.71[39] 0.9 4.73 1.6 9.44[144]
12 "14 Years, 2 Months, 8 Days" January 28, 2020 0.7/4 4.87[40] 0.9 4.53 1.6 9.40[145]
13 "In the Graveyard" February 11, 2020 0.6 4.47[41] 0.9 4.64 1.5 9.12[146]
14 "Sabbath" February 18, 2020 0.6 4.71[42] 1.0 4.76 1.6 9.47[147]
15 "Double Blind" February 25, 2020 0.7 5.16[43] 0.9 4.55 1.6 9.71[148]
16 "Perspectives" March 10, 2020 0.7 4.44[44] 0.8 4.60 1.5 9.04[149]
17 "Liftoff" March 17, 2020 0.8 5.20[45] 0.9 4.72 1.7 9.92[150]
18 "Matter of Seconds" April 14, 2020 0.9 6.03[46] 0.8 3.98 1.7 10.01[151]
Viewership and ratings per episode of New Amsterdam
No. Title Air date Rating
DVR viewers
Total viewers
1 "The New Normal" March 2, 2021 0.6 4.19[47] 0.6 4.23 1.2 8.43[152]
2 "Essential Workers" March 9, 2021 0.6 4.23[48] 0.6 3.73 1.2 7.96[153]
3 "Safe Enough" March 16, 2021 0.4 3.64[49] N/A N/A N/A N/A
4 "This is All I Need" March 23, 2021 0.5 3.96[50] N/A N/A N/A N/A
5 "Blood, Sweat & Tears" March 30, 2021 0.4 3.44[51] N/A N/A N/A N/A
6 "Why Not Yesterday" April 6, 2021 0.4 3.60[52] 0.5 3.29 0.9 6.89[154]
7 "The Legend of Howie Cournemeyer" April 13, 2021 0.4 3.37[53] 0.5 3.24 0.9 6.61[155]
8 "Catch" April 20, 2021 0.5 3.73[54] 0.5 3.25 0.9 6.98[156]
9 "Disconnected" April 27, 2021 0.4 3.10[55] 0.5 3.33 0.9 6.43[157]
10 "Radical" May 4, 2021 0.4 3.02[56] 0.4 2.89 0.8 5.91[158]
11 "Pressure Drop" May 11, 2021 0.4 3.27[57] 0.4 2.79 0.8 6.06[159]
12 "Things Fall Apart" May 18, 2021 0.4 3.09[58] 0.4 3.03 0.8 6.11[58]
13 "Fight Time" June 1, 2021 0.5 3.95[59] 0.4 3.09 0.9 7.04[160]
14 "Death Begins in Radiology" June 8, 2021 0.5 4.10[60] 0.4 2.98 0.9 7.08[161]
Viewership and ratings per episode of New Amsterdam
No. Title Air date Rating
DVR viewers
Total viewers
1 "More Joy" September 21, 2021 0.5 3.72[62][162] TBD TBD TBD TBD
2 "We're in This Together" September 28, 2021 0.4 3.55[63][163] TBD TBD TBD TBD
3 "Same as It Ever Was" October 5, 2021 0.3 2.86[64][164] TBD TBD TBD TBD
4 "Seed Money" October 12, 2021 0.4 3.30[65] 0.3 2.62 0.7 5.92[65]
5 "This Be the Verse" October 19, 2021 0.3 3.42[66] 0.4 2.58 0.7 6.00[165]
6 "Laughter and Hope and a Sock in the Eye" October 26, 2021 0.4 3.53[67][166] TBD TBD TBD TBD
7 "Harmony" November 2, 2021 0.3 2.81[68][167] TBD TBD TBD TBD
8 "Paid in Full" November 9, 2021 0.4 3.07[69][168] TBD TBD TBD TBD
9 "In a Strange Land" November 16, 2021 0.4 3.23[70][169] 0.4 2.94 0.7 6.16[169]
10 "Death is the Rule. Life is the Exception." November 23, 2021 0.4 3.33[71][170] 0.3 2.73 0.7 6.07[170]
11 "Talkin' Bout A Revolution" January 4, 2022 0.4 3.27[72] TBD TBD TBD TBD
12 "The Crossover" January 11, 2022 0.5 3.13[73] TBD TBD TBD TBD
13 "Family" January 18, 2022 0.4 3.45[74] TBD TBD TBD TBD

Home media

DVD Name Ep # Release Date
New Amsterdam: Season One 22 August 13, 2019[171]
New Amsterdam: Season Two 18 September 1, 2020[172]
New Amsterdam: Season Three 14 October 26, 2021[173]

The first season titled "New Amsterdam: Season One" was released in Australia (Region 4) on 14 August 2019.[174] Region 2 (UK) was released on 19 November 2019.[175] The region 2 release is a five-disc set and the Region 4 release is a six-disc set.

The second season was released in Region 1, via Amazon's Manufacture on Demand (MOD) service, on September 1, 2020.

Potential spin-off

In January 2020, NBC Entertainment chairman Paul Telegdy said, "There is a potential for a spinoff. I can imagine a whole world around New Amsterdam." At that time, Nellie Andreeva of Deadline Hollywood added that no conversations were happening, but members of the production were open to the possibility because of the depth of New Amsterdam characters and stories that could be explored with a spin-off.[176]