Newsweek Polska

Newsweek Polska
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Editor-in-chief Tomasz Lis
Categories News magazine
Frequency Weekly
Publisher Axel Springer
Total circulation
(January 2020)
Year founded 2001; 20 years ago (2001)
Country Poland
Based in Warsaw
Language Polish
Website Newsweek Polska
ISSN 1642-5685
OCLC 51636338

Newsweek Polska is a Polish language weekly news magazine published in Poland as the Polish edition of Newsweek.


Newsweek Polska was established in 2001.[1][2] The founder of the weekly is Tomasz Wr贸blewski.[3]

The magazine is owned by Axel Springer.[4] It is based in Warsaw and is published weekly on Mondays.[1] Although it is a Polish version of Newsweek, it does not fully cover the translations of the articles published in its parent magazine.[2]

Tomasz Wr贸blewski was also the first editor-in-chief and served in the post between 2001 and 2004, and then between 2005 and 2006.[5] Jaros艂aw Sroka was the editor-in-chief in 2004.[5] From 2006 to 2009 Micha艂 Kobosko was the editor-in-chief.[5] He was replaced by Wojciech Maziarski who was in office between 2009 and 2012.[5] Tomasz Lis has been the editor-in-chief of the weekly since 2012.[5][6]


Newsweek has promoted a variety of views, mostly depending on those held by the current editor-in-chief, although it has traditionally been associated with liberal politics, much like the Gazeta Wyborcza. Ever since Tomasz Lis took over as editor-in-chief, the magazine has taken a more radically anticlerical and anti-conservative approach; the editorial board is frequently subjected to criticism from Law and Justice leader Jaros艂aw Kaczy艅ski. The cover of the 1 April 2015 issue featured Kaczy艅ski with a caption saying "Assassin", implying his responsibility for the alleged "assassination" of Polish national unity in the aftermath of the 2010 Smolensk plane crash.[7]


The circulation of Newsweek Polska in March 2009 was 192,000 copies.[8] The magazine had a circulation of 114,309 copies in 2010 and 106,509 copies in 2011.[9] It was 123,225 copies in 2012.[9] The print and e-edition circulation of the weekly was 119,776 in August 2014.[10] As of January 2020, circulation of Newsweek Polska was 67,700 copies.[11]

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