Nilgün Marmara

Nilgün Marmara Önal
Native name
Nilgün Marmara Önal
Born 13 February 1958
Died 13 October 1987
Citizenship Turkey
Nilgün Marmara Önal

Nilgün Marmara (13 February 1958 – 13 October 1987) was a Turkish poet.

Marmara was born in Istanbul in 1958. She was educated at Kadıköy Maarif Koleji and Anadolu Lisesi. She later graduated from Boğaziçi University, department of English Language and Literature, with a thesis on the poetry of Sylvia Plath.

Marmara suffered from depression and committed suicide by jumping from the sixth floor of her house on 13 October 1987.[1]

Her books, published posthumously, are: Daktiloya Çekilmiş Şiirler (Typewritten Poems, 1988), Metinler (Texts, 1990) and Kırmızı Kahverengi Defter (The Red-Brown Notebook, edited by Gülseli İnal, 1993).

A selection of her poems appears in From this bridge: contemporary Turkish women poets, translated by George Messo.