Nippon Professional Baseball All-Star Series

The Nippon Professional Baseball All-Star Game is an annual baseball series of All-Star Games (in most years, two games are played, but three such games can and have been played as well) between players from the Central League and the Pacific League, currently selected by a combination of fans, players, coaches, and managers. The All-Star Game usually occurs in early to mid-July and marks the symbolic halfway point in the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) season (though not the mathematical halfway point; in most seasons, that takes place one week earlier).


The first NPB All-Star game was played in 1951.

For many years, mimicking the gaijin waku rule of the NPB,[1] each All-Star team was limited to two foreign players.[2]

Game results

Date Winning League Score Venue Host Team Attendance MVP Winning Pitcher Losing Pitcher
2004 (Game 1) Pacific 3–1 Nagoya Dome Chunichi Dragons Daisuke Matsuzaka
2004 (Game 2) Pacific 2–1 Nagano Olympic Stadium none Tsuyoshi Shinjo
2005 (Game 1) Central 6–5 Seibu Dome Seibu Lions Tatsuhiko Kinjo
2005 (Game 2) Central 5–3 Koshien Stadium Hanshin Tigers Tomonori Maeda
2006 (Game 1) Central 3–1 Meiji Jingu Stadium Yakult Swallows Norichika Aoki
2006 (Game 2) Central 7–4 Sun Marine Stadium none Atsushi Fujimoto
2007 (Game 1) Central 4–0 Tokyo Dome Yomiuri Giants Alex RamΓ­rez
2007 (Game 2) Central 11–5 Fullcast Stadium Rakuten Eagles Shinnosuke Abe
2008 (Game 1) Pacific 5–4 Kyocera Dome Osaka Orix Buffaloes Takeshi Yamasaki
2008 (Game 2) Central 11–6 Yokohama Stadium Yokohama BayStars Masahiro Araki
2009 (Game 1) Central 10–8 Sapporo Dome Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters 38,370 Norichika Aoki
2009 (Game 2) Pacific 7–4 Mazda Stadium Hiroshima Toyo Carp Nobuhiko Matsunaka
2010 (Game 1) Central 4–1 Yahoo Dome Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks Shinnosuke Abe
2010 (Game 2) 5–5 Hard Off Eco Stadium none Yasuyuki Kataoka
2011 (Game 1) Central 9–4 Nagoya Dome Chunichi Dragons Kazuhiro Hatakeyama
2011 (Game 2) Pacific 4–3 QVC Marine Field Chiba Lotte Marines Takeya Nakamura
2011 (Game 3) Pacific 5–0 Kleenex Stadium Rakuten Eagles Atsunori Inaba
2012 (Game 1) Central 4–1 Kyocera Dome Osaka Orix Buffaloes Norihiro Nakamura
2012 (Game 2) Central 4–0 Botchan Stadium none Kenta Maeda
2012 (Game 3) Pacific 6–2 Iwate Prefectural Baseball Stadium none DaiKan Yoh
2013 (Game 1) 1–1 Sapporo Dome Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters Hirokazu Sawamura
2013 (Game 2) Central 3–1 Meiji Jingu Stadium Tokyo Yakult Swallows Takahiro Arai
2013 (Game 3) Pacific 3–1 Iwaki Green Stadium none Seiichi Uchikawa
2014 (Game 1) Central 7–0 Seibu Dome Saitama Seibu Lions Brad Eldred
2014 (Game 2) Pacific 12–6 Koshien Stadium Hanshin Tigers Yuki Yanagita
2015 (Game 1) Central 8–6 Tokyo Dome Yomiuri Giants Shintaro Fujinami
2015 (Game 2) Central 8–3 Mazda Stadium Hiroshima Toyo Carp Tsubasa Aizawa
2016 (Game 1) Central 5–4 Yahoo Dome Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks Yoshitomo Tsutsugoh
2016 (Game 2) 5–5 Yokohama Stadium Yokohama DeNA BayStars Shohei Ohtani
2017 (Game 1) Pacific 6–2 Nagoya Dome Chunichi Dragons Seiichi Uchikawa
2017 (Game 2) Pacific 3–1 Zozo Marine Stadium Chiba Lotte Marines Alfredo Despaigne
2018 (Game 1) Pacific 7–6 Kyocera Dome Osaka Orix Buffaloes Tomoya Mori
2018 (Game 2) Pacific 5–1 Fujisakidai Prefectural Baseball Stadium none Sōsuke Genda
2019 (Game 1) Pacific 6–3 Tokyo Dome Yomiuri Giants Tomoya Mori
2019 (Game 2) Central 11–3 Koshien Stadium Hanshin Tigers Kōji Chikamoto
2020 Series canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
2021 (Game 1) Central 5-4 MetLife Dome Saitama Seibu Lions Ryosuke Kikuchi
2021 (Game 2) Pacific 4-3 Rakuten Seimei Park Miyagi Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles Hiroaki Shimauchi

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