Olof Molander

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Olof Johan Harald Molander (8 October 1892 – 26 May 1966) was a Swedish theatre - and film director. He was most notable for his many Strindberg and Shakespeare productions.[1]


Molander was born in Helsinki. He was the son of the director and writer John Harald Molander, Sr. (1858–1900) and actress Lydia Molander (1851 -1929). His brother was filmmaker Gustaf Molander (1888–1973). He was the uncle of actor Jan Molander (1920–2009) .[2][3]

He entered the Royal Dramatic Theatre Acting School (Dramatens elevskola) in 1912. Molander was First Director of Sweden's Royal Dramatic Theatre (Dramaten) 1919–1963. [4]

Stage work

A complete list of Olof Molander's productions as director at the Royal Dramatic Theatre can be found here. (list and data from Dramaten.se).

Selected filmography


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