Pädaste Manor
Pädaste Manor
Pädaste is located in Estonia
Location in Estonia
Coordinates: 58°33′05″N 23°16′47″E / 58.55139°N 23.27972°E / 58.55139; 23.27972Coordinates: 58°33′05″N 23°16′47″E / 58.55139°N 23.27972°E / 58.55139; 23.27972
Country Estonia
County Saare County
Municipality Muhu Parish
First mentioned 1566
 (01.01.2000 [1])
 • Total 48

Pädaste (German: Peddast)[2] is a village on the Estonian island Muhu. It is located on the southern coast of the island by the Gulf of Riga. Administratively, Pädaste belongs to Muhu Parish, Saare County. In 2000 the village had a population of 48.[1]

Pädaste is most known for its eclectic manor house, the Pädaste manor. Pädaste manor is the only remaining manor house on Muhu island. It was established as a manorial estate in the 16th century.[3]


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