Põlva County

Põlva County
Põlva county, Põlva parish.jpg
Coat of arms of Põlva County
Coat of arms
Location of Põlva County
Country Estonia
Capital Põlva
 • Total 2,164.77 km2 (835.82 sq mi)
 (Jan 2017 [1])
 • Total 28,507
 • Rank 13th
 • Density 13/km2 (34/sq mi)
 • Estonians 95%
 • other 5%
ISO 3166 code EE-64
Vehicle registration O
Website www.polvamaa.ee

Põlva County (Estonian: Põlva maakond), or Põlvamaa, is one of 15 counties of Estonia. It is situated in south-eastern part of the country and borders Tartu, Valga and Võru counties. 28,507 people live in Põlva County – constituting 2.3% of the total population in Estonia (as of January 2013).[1]


The County Government (Estonian: Maavalitsus) is led by Governor (Estonian: maavanem), who is appointed by the Government of Estonia for a term of five years. Since 2007, the Governor position is held by Priit Sibul.


The county is subdivided into municipalities. There are 3 rural municipalities (Estonian: vallad - parishes) in Põlva County.

Former municipalities of Põlva County, prior to the 2017 administrative reform.
Rank Municipality Type Population
1 Kanepi Parish Rural 4,864 525 9.3
2 Põlva Parish Rural 14,273 706 20.2
3 Räpina Parish Rural 6,518 591 11.0


27,028 people live in Põlva County – constituting 2.1% of the total population in Estonia (as of January 2013).[1]



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