Parliament of Lower Canada

Parliament of Lower Canada
Houses Legislative Council
Legislative Assembly
Founded 1791 (1791)
Disbanded 1838 (1838)
Preceded by Council for the Affairs of the Province of Quebec
Succeeded by Special Council of Lower Canada

The Parliament of Lower Canada was the legislature for Lower Canada. It was created when the old Province of Quebec was split into Lower Canada and Upper Canada in 1791.

As in other Westminster-style legislatures, it consisted of three components:

As a result of the Lower Canada Rebellion of 1837, the Parliament of Lower Canada was dissolved and temporarily replaced by the Special Council of Lower Canada. Following the Lord Durham's 1839 Report to the British Government, Lower Canada was joined with Upper Canada to create the Province of Canada, and the Parliament of the Province of Canada was created to govern the two.

The Parliament was convened fifteen times in its history:

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