Pati Regency

Pati Regency
Kabupaten Pati
Coat of arms of Pati Regency
acronym of Berdaya Upaya Menuju Identitas Pati Makmur Ideal Normatif Adil Tertib Aman Nyaman Indah
(Powerful, Work, Towards Pati Identity, Ideal, Normative, Just, Orderly, Secure, Comfortable, Beautiful)
Location of Pati Regency in Central Java
Location of Pati Regency in Central Java
Pati Regency is located in Indonesia
Pati Regency
Pati Regency
Location of Pati Regency in Indonesia
Coordinates: 7°35′46″S 110°57′3″E / 7.59611°S 110.95083°E / -7.59611; 110.95083Coordinates: 7°35′46″S 110°57′3″E / 7.59611°S 110.95083°E / -7.59611; 110.95083
Country Indonesia
Province Central Java
Capital Pati
 • Regent H. Haryanto, SH, MM, M.Si.
 • Total 1,503.68 km2 (580.57 sq mi)
 (2020 Census)
 • Total 1,324,188
 • Density 880/km2 (2,300/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+7 (WIB)
Area code(s) +62 295

Pati Regency (Javanese: Pathi, ꦥꦛꦶ) is a regency (Indonesian: kabupaten) in the northeastern region of Central Java Province, on the island of Java in Indonesia. The regency covers an area of 1,503.68 km2, on the coast of the Java Sea. It had a population of 1,193,202 at the 2010 Census[2] and 1,324,188 at the 2020 Census, comprising 660,484 males and 663,704 females.[3] The administrative capital of Pati Regency is the town of Pati.

Administrative districts

The Regency comprises twenty-one districts (kecamatan), tabulated below with their areas and their populations at the 2010 Census[4] and the 2020 Census.[5] The table also includes the number of administrative villages (rural desa and urban kelurahan) in each district and its post code.

Name Area
Sukolilo 158.74 84,703 90,270 16 59172
Kayen 96.03 69,982 78,540 17 59171
Tambakromo 72.47 47,849 55,616 18 59174
Winong 99.94 49,201 63,638 30 59181
Pucakwangi 122.83 41,170 47,934 20 59183
Jaken 68.52 42,052 46,174 21 59184
Batangan 50.66 40,847 44,619 18 59186
Juwana 55.93 90,203 95,933 29 59185
Jakenan 53.04 40,144 47,568 23 59182
Pati (town) 42.49 103,060 108,398 29 59111
Gabus 55.51 51,732 62,279 24 59173
Margorejo 61.81 55,982 64,091 18 59163
Gembong 67.39 42,210 47,370 11 59162
Tlogowungu 94.46 49,088 54,300 15 59161
Wedarijaksa 40.85 57,594 63,808 18 59152
Trangkil 42.84 59,266 63,275 16 59153
Margoyoso 59.97 70,288 74,267 22 59154
Gunungwungkal 61.80 34,969 37,898 15 59156
Cluwak 69.31 42,345 47,338 13 59157
Tayu 47.59 64,318 70,022 21 59155
Dukuhseti 81.59 56,199 60,850 12 59158
Totals 1,503.68 1,193,202 1,324,188 406
Pati mosque (c.1900-1940).
A school in Pati, colonial Dutch East Indies era.


Natural tourism

Pati has a natural tourist attractions, namely:

  • Arga Enchantment, in Beketel Kayen Village
  • Lake Terpus Beketel, in Beketel Kayen Village
  • Grenjengan Sewu Waterfall, in Jrahi Village
  • Rainfowl Waterfall, in Sukolilo Village
  • Grenjengan Seno Waterfall, in Payak, Cluwak, Pati
  • Wareh Cave, in Kedumulyo Kayen Village
  • Pancur Cave, in Jimbaran Kayen Village
  • Lotus Swamp in Pengging Wangi, Kasiyan
  • Klating Waterfall, in the village of Mojoagung / dukuh Klating
  • Bukit Pandang Ki Santa Mulya, in Durensawit Kayen Village
  • Seloromo Reservoir, in Gembong Village
  • Plorodan Semar Waterfall, in Sumbersari, Kayen

Historical tour

Pati has historical sights, namely:

  • Mosque Agung Pati, in the village of Puri
  • Majapahit Gate, in Muktiharjo / Rendole Village
  • Petilasan Syech Jangkung, in the village of kayen
  • Genuk Kemiri (Raden Kembang Joyo Relics), in Hamlet Kemiri, Kalidoro Village

Pati has tourist attractions for families, namely:

Family tour:

  • Juwana Water Fantasy, in Bumimulyo Village
  • Juwana Byar-Byur Water Park, in Winong Village
  • Sendang Tirta Marta Sani, in Tamansari Village
  • TPA Pati Zoo, in Banyuurip Village

Pati has pilgrimage places, namely:

  • Tomb of Nyai Ageng Ngerang, in Tambakromo Village
  • Tomb of Sheikh Jangkung (Saridin), Landoh Village
  • Tomb of Mbah Tabek Merto, in Prawoto Village
  • Tomb of Sheikh Ahmad Mutamakkin, in Kajen Village
  • Tomb of KH. Abdullah Salam (Mbah Dullah), in Kajen Village
  • Tomb of KH. Sahal Mahfudz, in Kajen Village
  • Tomb of KH. Suyuthi Abdul Qadir, in Guyangan Village, Trangkil
  • Tomb of Sunan Ngerang (Guru Sunan Muria), in Hamlet Ngerang, Trimulyo Village
  • the tomb of Sunan Makhdum (Sayyid Abdurrahman Al-Makhdum) The leader of Walisongo I, in Parenggan Village, Pati Kota
  • Tomb of Syeh Ronggo Kusumo, in Ngemplak Kidul Village, Margoyoso
  • Tomb of Sunan Prawoto (King of the Fourth Demak Kingdom), in Prawoto Village
  • Tomb of Bandung Bondowoso Ratu Pengging,
  • Tomb of King Prabu Dhling, in Hamlet Mlawat Baleadi
  • Tomb of Mahapatih Batik Madrim, in Kedung Winong Village

Pati has a special tourist attractions shopping, namely:

  • Ada Swalayan
  • Luwes Mall
  • Galaxy Swalayan
  • Plasa pati
  • Salsa Pati
  • Borobudur Plaza pati
  • Plaza Puri
  • Surya baru Swalayan
  • Pati Trade center
  • Pasar Pargola (Pasar Pragolo) Mall and Resto, di Margorejo
  • Plaza juwana
  • Laris Toserba
  • Pati Town Square
  • Lippo Plaza Juwana
  • Juwana Mega Plaza
  • Kajar Trade Center
  • Pasar Seleko Pati
  • Pengging Wangi Trade Center
  • Pengging Wangi Square


In addition to the famous Bandeng Presto/Bandung Juwana, Pati is one of the two largest mangosteen producing districts in Central Java besides Cilacap.

  • Cashew Industrial Center, in Margorejo village.
  • Mangosteen Center, in Jepalo and Gunungsari Villages
  • Brass Craft, in Juwana Village
  • Cow milk business, in Sukoharjo Village
  • Salt Industry, in District Batangan
  • Trangkil Sugar Factory, in Trangkil Village
  • New Pakis Sugar Factory, in Pakis village
  • Cassava kripik with various flavours, in Banyuurip village
  • Kapuk randu Industry, in Karaban Village, Gabus District.
  • The center of rice and green beans, in Jambean Kidul Village, Margorejo Pati.
  • Coffee Plantation, in Jrahi Village, Gunungwungkal and Sitiluhur
  • Tapioca Flour Industry, in Ngemplak Village, Margoyoso
  • Batik Bakaran Industrial Fabrics, in Bakaran Village, Juwana
  • Brick Industry, in Trangkil Village
  • Shrimp paste Industry, in Juwana Village, Margoyoso and Tayu

Achieved Achievement Pati

Regency of starch is not only famous as mina tani earth city, on the other hand Pati also has many achievements that have been achieved because of performance and effort from government, also Pati own community which have work ethic and ability that rarely known by people around. Achievements achieved by Pati include:

  • Langse village, Margorejo sub-district, was chosen to represent Pati Regency to become Energy Self-Reliance Village of Central Java Province. Reactor "Submarine" thus the name of the installation of waste processing equipment rabbit, goat and others - the bio-gas and fertilizer plants produced by local residents.
  • Starch Entrance 13 districts in Indonesia that have 100% Apply Siskudes. Pati District three times consecutively get Unqualified Opinion (WTP) from the Audit Agency (BPK) Representative of Central Java Province.
  • Student of Melati Alfatannafiah from Muhammadiyah Elementary School Representing Indonesia to International Mathematics Competition appointed by Director General of Primary and Secondary Education of Kemendikbud RI to represent Indonesia in Bulgarian International Mathematics Competition (BIMC) competition in Burgas, Bulgaria.



SMA / SMK in Pati Regency is as follows:

  • MA Abadiyah, in Gabus District
  • MA Al-Hikmah, in Margoyoso District
  • MA Al-Ikhlas, in Tlogowungu District
  • MA As-Salamah, in Pati District
  • MA Bustanul Ulum, in Wedarijaksa District
  • MA Darul Falah, in Cluwak District
  • MA Darul Ulum, in Jaken District
  • MA Darul Ulum, in Tlogowungu District
  • MA I'anatut Tholibin, in Margoyoso District
  • MA Ihya'ul Ulum, in Wedarijaksa District
  • MA Khoiriyah, in Margoyoso District
  • MA Khoiriyah, in Gembong District
  • MA Khoiriyatul Ulum, in Trangkil District
  • Ma Madarijul Huda, in Dukuhseti District
  • MA Manabi'ul Falah, in Margoyoso District
  • MA Manahijul Hyda, in Dukuhseti
  • MA Manba'ul Ulum, in Pati District
  • MA Matholi’ul Falah, in Margoyoso District
  • Matholi’ul Falah, in Juwana District
  • Matholi’ul Huda, in Pucakwangi District
  • Matholi’ul Huda, in Trangkil District
  • MA Miftahul Falah, in Talun Kayen
  • MA Miftahul Huda, in Tayu District
  • MA Miftahul Ulum, in Tambakromo
  • MA Miftahul Ulum, in Trimulyo Kayen
  • MA Miftahut Thulab, in Sukolilo District
  • MA Misbahul Ulum, in Pasucen Trangkil
  • MA Mujahidin, in Gembong
  • MA Muwahidin, in Gembong
  • MA Negeri 1 Pati, in Margorejo
  • MA Negeri 2 Pati, in Kecamatan Tayu
  • MA NU Bageng, in Gembong
  • MA Nurul Hikmah Banyuurip, in Banyu urip Village
  • MA Nurul Quran, in Pucakwangi District
  • MA PGIP Hadiwijaya, in Margoyoso
  • MA PPKP Darul Ma’la, in Winong District
  • MA Raudlotusy Syubban, in Winong District
  • MA Raudlotut Tholibin, in Tayu District
  • MA Salafiyah, in Tlogowungu
  • MA Salafiyah, in Margoyoso
  • MA Silahul Ulum, in Trangkil
  • MA Sirojul Anam, in Tayu District
  • Sirojul Huda, in Kayen District
  • MA Sultan Agungm in Sukolilo District
  • MA Sunan Muria, in Cluwak
  • MA Sunan Prawoto, in Sukolilo District
  • MA Tarbiyatul Banin, in Winong District
  • MA Tarbiyatul Banin Banat, di Dukuhseti
  • MA Tarbiyatul Islamiyah, in Pucakwangi District
  • MA Thoriqotul Ulum, in Wedarijaksa
  • MA Walisongo, in Kayen District
  • SMA Bokpri 1,in Pati
  • SMA Bokpri 3,in Dukuhseti
  • SMA Cadangan, in Pati
  • SMA Dharma Putra, in Pati
  • SMA Islam Raudlotul Falah, in Gembong
  • SMA Islam Tuan Sokolangu, di Gabus
  • SMA IT Yaumi Fatimah, in Pati
  • SMA Joyo Kusumo, in Pasuruhan Kayen Village
  • SMA Kesuma, in Margoyoso
  • SMA Muhammadiyah 01,in Kecamatan Pati
  • SMA Muhammadiyah 02,in Sukolilo District
  • SMA Muhammadiyah 03,in Sukolilo District
  • SMA Muria, in Margorejo
  • SMA Nasional, in Pati District
  • SMA PGRI 1, in Pati
  • SMA PGRI 2, in Kayen
  • SMA PGRI 3, in Tayu
  • SMA Rifaiyah, in Kayen District
  • SMA Taman Madya, in Juwana District
  • SMA Wahid Hasyim, in Pati
  • SMA Yos Soedarso, in Pati
  • SMAN 1 Batangan, in Batangan
  • SMAN 1 Jakenan, in Jakenan District
  • SMA 1 Juwana, in Juwana District
  • SMAN 1 Kayen, in Kayen
  • SMAN 1 Pati, in Pati
  • SMAN 1 Tayu, in Tayu
  • SMAN 2 Pati, in Pati District
  • SMAN 3 Pati, in Pati
  • SMK Al Falah, in Winong District
  • SMK An Najah, in Kayen District
  • SMK Assalamah, in Pati
  • SMK Bahtera, in Pati
  • SMK Bani Muslim, in Pati
  • SMK Bina Tunas Bangsa, in Juwana District
  • SMK Cordova, in Kajen Village
  • SMK Farming, in Tlogowungu
  • SMK Gajah Mada 01,in Margoyoso District
  • SMK Gajah Mada 02, in Pati
  • SMK Kesuma, in Margoyoso
  • SMK Mambaul Huda, in Dukuh Seti
  • SMK Muhammadiyah 01, in Pati
  • SMK Muhammadiyah 02, in Tayu
  • SMK Nahdlotul Ulama, in Gembong
  • SMK Nasional, in Pati
  • SMK Pelayaran, in Tayu
  • SMK Permata Nusantara, Jl. Raya Gabus Pati, KM 0,5 Gabus
  • SMK Salafiyah Margoyoso, in Desa Kajen
  • SMK Taruna Bangsa, in Gabus
  • SMK Telkom Terpadu AKN Marzuqi, in Pati District
  • SMK Tunas Harapan, in Pati
  • SMKN 1 Pati, in Pati
  • SMKN 2 Pati, in Pati
  • SMKN 3 Pati, in Pati
  • SMK Sultan Agung, in Sukolilo

College / University

Universities / Colleges in Pati Regency are among others as follows :

  • Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam Pati (STAIP) Address: Jl Kampus Raya No. 5 Margorejo Pati Jateng
  • College of Informatics and Computer Management (STIMIK) AKI Pati, Address: Jl Kamandowo Number 13 Pati
  • Christian Religion College (STAKWW) Pati, Address: Jl P Diponegoro Number 33 Pati
  • Mathali'ul Falah Islamic College (STAIMAFA) Pati, Address: Jalan Raya Pati-Tayu Km 20 Kelurahan Purworejo District Margoyoso Pati
  • Midwifery Academy (Akbid) Bakti Utama Pati, Address: Jalan Ki Ageng Selo Number 15, Blaru, Pati, Central Java
  • Midwifery Academy (Akbid) Duta Dharma Pati, Address: Jalan Panglima Sudirman Number 1B Pati, Central Java
  • Akademi Keperawatan (Akper) Pragola Pati, Address: Jalan Banyu Urip Raya Number 26A, Margorejo, Pati
  • Agricultural Academy Pragola Pati, Address: Jalan Rendole Number 1 Pati
  • Open University (UT) Pati, Address: Jalan Raya Semarang-Kendal Km 14,5 Mangkang Wetan, Semarang

Radio and TV Broadcasting Institutions


list of Radio in Pati is as follows:

  • Radio Suara Pati FM Jl. P. Tombronegoro No.1 Pati
  • Pt. Radio BOSWIN/ Radio Boswin FM Jl. Pati-Gabus No.1 Pati
  • PT. Radio HARBOS / Radio Harbos FM Jl. Raya Pati-Gabus No. 1A
  • PT. Radio Pati Adi Suara/ Radio PAS FM Jl. P. Sudirman Km 3 Pati
  • PT.RADIO SESANTI MANDIRI/ Radio POP FM Jl Banyuurip Km 3 Margorejo, Pati
  • PT. RADIO PRAGOLA/ Radio BEST FM Jl Banyuurip Km 3 Margorejo, Pati
  • PT.RADIO PESANTENAN/ Radio PST FM Jl. Syeh Jangkung No.164 Pati
  • Radio Swara Juana Sakti FM Jl. Sunan Ngerang No. 2A Juwana
  • Radio Foster FM Jl. RA Kartini No.03
  • Radio ISMA FM KH. Mansyur Ds. Kauman Rt 01/02 Pati
  • Radio Komunitas Kristen Elshaday Radio Komunitas Kristen Elshaday
  • PT. Radio Cendekia Winong/ Radio Cendekia FM Jl. Raya Jakenan- Winong Km. 05 Pati
  • PT. Radio Ndholo Kusumo/ Radio Ndholo Kusumo FM Ds. Margoyoso RT.02 Rw. II Kec.


List of TVs in Pati include the following:

  • Kartika TV Jl. Dr Wahidin Ruko Salza No. 15-16 Pati
  • TV Simpanglima address Perum Gunung Bedah Jl. P Sudirman Km.5 Pati
  • PT. Merdeka Sarana Media / SM TV address Jl. Raya Pati-Kudus Km. 4 Pati
  • Kudus Televisi Indonesia address GriAlamat Griya Kencana 2 jl. Gaharu raya no. 48 kel. Sidokerto Pati
  • ANTV Pati address Pati
  • Viva Sport Indonesia 1 address Pati
  • TV One Pati address Jl. Dr. Susanto 98 Parenggan Pati
  • Lingkar TV address Jl. Dr Wahidin No. 2 Pati Lor Kec. Kota Pati Kab. Pati



  • RS Kristen Tayu
  • RSUD RAA Soewondo
  • RS Keluarga Sehat Hospital (KSH)
  • RS Mitra Bangsa
  • RS Fastabiq
  • RSB Harapan
  • RSB Asifa
  • RS Paru-paru
  • RS Islam Pati
  • RS Assuyuthiyyah Guyangan
  • RSU Kayen
  • RS Internasional Pengging Wangi (Tahap perencanaan)


  • Klinik Sejahtera
  • BKIA Bhayangkari
  • Klinik Keluarga Sehat


  • SUKOLILO I jl. Raya. Sukolilo, Kec.Sukolilo
  • SUKOLILO II Sunan Prawoto, Kec.Sukolilo
  • KAYEN Pati Purwadadi, Kec.Kayen
  • TAMBAKROMO Jl. Raya Gabus Kayen, Kec.Tambakromo
  • WINONG I Jl. Raya Winong, Kec.Winong
  • WINONG II Danyang Mulyo, Kec.Winong
  • PUNCAKWANGI I Ds. Puntadewa, Kec. Puncakwangi
  • PUNCAKWANGI II Ds. Tegalwero, Kec.Pucakwangi
  • JAKEN Jaken Jakenan, Kec.Jaken
  • BATANGAN Juana Rembang, Kec.Batangan
  • JUWANA Kihajar Dewantara, Kec.Juwana
  • JAKENAN Ds. Dukuhmulyo, Kec. Jakenan
  • PATI I Jl. Supriyadi No. 51, Kec. Pati
  • PATI II Jl. Raya Pati Tayu, Kec. Pati
  • GABUS I Ds. Gabus Tlogo Ayu, Kec.Gabus
  • GABUS II Pati Kayen, Kec.Gabus
  • MARGOREJO Jl. Raya Pati Kudus, Kec. Margorejo
  • GEMBONG Jl. Raya Gembong, Kec.Gembong
  • TLOGOWUNGU Jl. Raya Patitlogowungu 61, Kec.Tlogowungu
  • WEDARIJAKSA I Ds. Wedarijaksa, Kec. Wedarijaksa
  • WEDARIJAKSA II Ds. Sidoarjo, Kec.Wedarijaksa
  • TRANGKIL Ds. Trangkil, Kec. Trangkil
  • MARGOYOSO I Jl. Kyai Cebolang No. 16, Kec.Margoyoso
  • MARGOYOSO II Jl. Raya Pati Tayu, Kec.Margoyoso
  • GUNUNG WUNGKAL Tayu Gunung Wungkal, Kec. Gunungwungkal
  • CLUWAK Ds. Plaosan, Kec. Cluwak
  • TAYU I Jl. Sudirman 17, Kec.Tayu
  • TAYU II Ds. Pundenrejo, Kec.Tayu
  • DUKUHSETI Ds. Alas Dowo, Kec.Dukuhseti


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