People's Labour Party (Saint Kitts and Nevis)

People's Labour Party
Leader Timothy Harris
Founded 17 June 2013
Split from Saint Kitts and Nevis Labour Party
National affiliation Team Unity
2 / 11

The People's Labour Party (PLP) is a political party in Saint Kitts and Nevis led by Timothy Harris. Despite only winning a single seat in the 2015 general elections, Harris became Prime Minister of the country following the elections. The party increased its number of seats in the national assembly to two in the 2020 general elections, with Harris remaining as Prime Minister.


The PLP was established on 17 June 2013 as a breakaway from the Saint Kitts and Nevis Labour Party by former minister Harris and former Deputy Prime Minister Sam Condor. Harris had been sacked from the cabinet earlier in the year, whilst Condor had been fired from his position as Head of Government Business, and had later resigned as Deputy Prime Minister.[1] Harris became the party's leader, with Condor becoming its deputy leader.

Prior to the 2015 general elections, the party joined the Team Unity alliance alongside the People's Action Movement and the Concerned Citizens' Movement. The three parties did not stand candidates against each other, but competed individually against the Saint Kitts and Nevis Labour Party in Saint Kitts and the Nevis Reformation Party in Nevis. The PLP ran in constituencies 3 and 7 in Saint Kitts, with Harris winning constituency 7 and Condor losing in constituency 3.[2]

Electoral results

Election Leader Votes % Seats +/– Position Government
2015 Timothy Harris 2,723 9.0
1 / 11
Increase 1 Increase 5th Coalition
2020 Timothy Harris 3,731 13.37
2 / 11
Increase 1 Increase 3th Coalition


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