Peter Hollindale

Peter Hollindale (born 1936) is an educationalist and literary critic.

Hollindale taught at Derwent College, York from 1936 to 1999.[1]

Three Levels of Ideology

Hollindale's most renowned theory[according to whom?] was that of the three levels of ideology in a text, which pertained to all four modern reading approaches (author-centred, reader-centred, text-centred, world-view-centred).

The levels are as follows: 1) The author's profound message in a text 2) The unexamined assumptions of the author 3) The ideologies of the author's world


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Hollindale, Peter (1998) Ideology and The Children's Book, Thimble Press: Woodchester, UK ISBN 0-903355-26-4

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