Philip Ardagh

Philip Ardagh
Born Shortlands, Kent, England
Occupation Writer, radio personality
Nationality British
Genre Children's literature
Notable works Eddie Dickens series

Philip Ardagh is an English children's author, primarily known for the Eddie Dickens series of books. He has written more than 100 books including adult fiction and children's non-fiction.

During 2004 and 2005 Ardagh collaborated with Sir Paul McCartney and illustrator-animator Geoff Dunbar to create McCartney's first children's book, High in the Clouds. The Observer called it "a tale about the perils of unchecked global capitalism".[1]

Early life and career

Philip Ardagh was born in 1961, in Kent, England, where he grew up with one brother.[2]

Grubtown Tales

In 2009, Ardagh published the first of his GRUBTOWN TALES series, 'Stinking Rich & Just Plain Stinky', which won the Roald Dahl Funny Prize for being the funniest book that year. The series went on to contain seven full-length tales and a short story (The Great Pasta Disaster) as a £1 promotional book for World Book Day in 2010. The series was illustrated by Jim Paillot.

Eddie Dickens

Eddie Dickens is a recurring character in a series of six books, beginning with Awful End and ending with Final Curtain. 2020 sees the 20th anniversary of Eddie Dickens in print.


Children's fiction
  • Awful End (US: A House Called Awful End) [The Eddie Dickens Trilogy] (2000)
  • Dreadful Acts [The Eddie Dickens Trilogy] (2001)
  • Terrible Times [The Eddie Dickens Trilogy] (2002)
  • Dubious Deeds [The Further Adventures of Eddie Dickens]
  • Horrendous Habits [The Further Adventures of Eddie Dickens]
  • Final Curtain [The Further Adventures of Eddie Dickens]
  • The Fall of Fergal [Unlikely Exploits]
  • Heir of Mystery [Unlikely Exploits]
  • The Rise of the House of McNally [Unlikely Exploits]
  • Stinking Rich and Just Plain Stinky [Grubtown Tales]
  • The Far From Great Escape [Grubtown Tales]
  • The Year That It Rained Cows [Grubtown Tales]
  • Trick Eggs and Rubber Chickens [Grubtown Tales]
  • The Great Pasta Disaster ["Grubtown Tales"]
  • High In the Clouds: (with Sir Paul McCartney & Geoff Dunbar)
Adult fiction
  • The Not-So-Very-Nice Goings-On At Victoria Lodge, Without Illustrations by the Author
  • The Silly Side of Sherlock Holmes, A Brand New Adventure Using A Bunch of Old Pictures
  • The Hieroglyphs Handbook, Teach Yourself Ancient Egyptian
  • The Archaeologist's Handbook, An Insider's Guide to Digging Up The Past
  • WOW! Ideas that Changed the World
  • WOW! Events that Changed the World
  • WOW! Inventions that Changed the World
  • WOW! Discoveries that Changed the World
  • The Truth About Christmas
  • The Truth About Love
  • The Truth About Fairies
  • Why Are Castles Castle-Shaped?
  • Did Dinosaurs Snore?
  • The History Detectives series (with Colin King)
  • The Get A Life series
  • Philip Ardagh's Book Of Absolutely Useless Lists For Absolutely Every Day of The Year


  • Luchs (Lynx) Prize (Awarded by Die Zeit newspaper in Germany)
  • Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis (German youth literature prize) [3]
  • Roald Dahl Funny Prize 2009 (category 7-to-14 years)[4]

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