Pimpernel Svensson

Pimpernel Svensson
Pimpernel Svensson.jpg
Directed by Emil A. Lingheim
Written by Åke Ohlmarks
Margit Beckman
Baroness Emmuska Orczy (novel)
Produced by Otto Scheutz
Starring Edvard Persson
Ivar Wahlgren
Aurore Palmgren
Cinematography Karl-Erik Alberts
Edited by Wic Kjellin
Music by Knut Edgardt
Erik Baumann
Nathan Görling
Release date
30 August 1950
Running time
80 minutes
Country Sweden
Language Swedish

Pimpernel Svensson is a 1950 Swedish comedy film directed by Emil A. Lingheim and starring Edvard Persson, Ivar Wahlgren and Aurore Palmgren.[1] It was made at the Stockholm studios of Europa Film and on location in Skåne. Arne Åkermark was its art director.


In an updating of The Scarlet Pimpernel, a Swede travels to Stettin in 1945 to rescue his nephew who has been trapped in the Soviet-occupied port.


  • Edvard Persson as Anders 'Pimpernel' Svensson
  • Ivar Wahlgren as Ville Lundgren
  • Aurore Palmgren as Willy's Mother
  • Gunnel Wadner as Willy's Wife
  • Arne Wirén as General Badajsky
  • Rodja Persidsky as Major Pusjkin
  • Algot Larsson as August Andersson
  • Signe Wirff as Refugee
  • Ove Flodin as Pålson
  • John Degerberg as Bell-ringer
  • Walter Sarmell as Station Master
  • Frans Begger as Russian Soldier
  • Svea Holst as Pimpernel's Maid
  • Minna Larsson as Karla Andersson
  • Inger Sotnikov as Girl in Stettin
  • Mikael Sotnikov as Schultze
  • Maj-Britt Thörn as Prostitute



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