Quaker Universalist Fellowship

The Quaker Universalist Fellowship is a religious organization serving predominantly individuals with an ongoing association with the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), a universalist understanding of Quaker teachings and traditions, and a commitment to religious pluralism. It has published books and periodicals from Landenberg, Pennsylvania since the 1980s.[1]

It calls itself

an informal gathering of persons who cherish the spirit of universality that has always been intrinsic to the Quaker faith [2]

and says that its mission is

to foster the understanding that within everyone is a directly accessible spiritual light that can lead people to equality, simplicity, justice, compassion and peace. [3]

Somewhat different from the way the term Universalism is typically understood in Christian theology, Quaker universalism focuses on the “belief that there is a spirit of universal love in every person, and that a compassion-centered life is therefore available to people of all faiths and backgrounds.”[4]


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