NSDAP-Reichsleiter-pre1939.svg NSDAP-Reichsleiter-1939.svg
Pre and post 1939 insignia
Reichsleiter Armbands1943.jpg
Flag 1939-1945
Country  Nazi Germany
Service branch Nazi Party
Abbreviation RL
Rank Paramilitary rank
Formation 2 June 1933
Abolished 8 May 1945
Next higher rank Führer
Next lower rank Gauleiter

Reichsleiter (national leader or Reich leader) was the second highest political rank of the Nazi Party (NSDAP), next only to the office of Führer. Reichsleiter also served as a paramilitary rank in the Nazi Party and was the highest position attainable in any Nazi organisation.[1]

The Reichsleiter reported directly to Adolf Hitler. The Reichsleiter formed part of the Reichsleitung (Reich leadership) of the NSDAP which was originally located in the "Brown House" in Munich. Each Reichsleiter was in charge of a broad area of responsibility in the party. Hitler originally established the rank of Reichsleiter on 2 June 1933 and appointed 16 individuals to that rank.[2] Subsequently, a further 6 individuals were appointed to the rank between 1933 and 1938.[3]

List of Reichsleiter

This is the list of Reichsleiter of the NSDAP set forth in the National Socialist Yearbook:[4]


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