Renegade Tribune

Predecessor Oracle Broadcasting
Formation October 2012; 8 years ago (2012-10)
Founder Kyle Hunt
Type Internet radio
Purpose Neo-Nazism
White nationalism[1]
Conspiracy theory
Headquarters Deltona, Florida, U.S. (current)
Woodside, New York, U.S. (previous)
Key people
Michael McLaughlin
Secessions Might Is Right Network

Renegade is an American white nationalist, conspiracy theorist and anti-Semitic media platform, based in Deltona, Florida. Founded by Kyle Hunt, the project consists of two main outlets; Renegade Broadcasting, an internet radio network founded in October 2012 and Renegade Tribune, founded in 2013. The project broke off from an older media network Oracle Broadcasting. As of August 2018, Renegade Tribune had a global Alexa ranking of 77,269.[3]

Renegade has promoted Holocaust denial, and has portrayed the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler's NSDAP in a positive light,[4] claiming that Germans, not Jews, were the victims of the Second World War.[5][6] In 2014 founder Kyle Hunt promoted "the White Man March", advocating that White people across the world spontaneously protest in public with signs bearing phrases related to the white genocide conspiracy theory.

Renegade has criticized Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. It also claims that both homosexuality and misogyny are rife within the alt-right and alt-lite. Renegade has also covered conspiracy theory topics such as 9/11 conspiracy theories, child trafficking and flat earth theories. Notable contributors include Michael McLaughlin, former leader of the British Movement. Renegade has associated itself with European paganism and has been strongly critical of Christianity.

Renegade has been banned from Twitter and YouTube, and now uses Gab and BitChute.[citation needed]


Renegade was started by Kyle Christopher Hunt (born November 18, 1983) of Massachusetts who had previously worked in the tech industry.[7][8] Prior to Renegade, Hunt had begun blogging about New Age and conspiracy theories in August 2009 with a WordPress blog and later a BlogTalkRadio podcast under the name Star Theory.[9][10][better source needed]

Hunt's Star Theory radio show began to be carried by the Oracle Broadcasting network in April 2012. This network, co-founded by Doug Owen and Lee Rodgers (who would later reappear as a writer for Andrew Anglin's The Daily Stormer) covered anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and similar. Hunt's Star Theory began to focus on race and the white genocide conspiracy theory, As well as historical revisionism in regards to the Third Reich (although it ridiculed American neo-Nazism as supposedly "controlled opposition"). While anti-Jewish sentiment was permitted on Oracle Broadcasting, white nationalism and Holocaust denial. Hunt, as well as Michael Titorenko (under the name "Mike Sledge") of Deconstructions Live, were subsequently expelled from the network in October 2012.[citation needed]

Also in October 2012, Hunt began the internet radio network Renegade Broadcasting. In 2013 this expanded with the website Renegade Tribune. Hunt runs Renegade with his partner Sineád Anne McCarthy of New York.[citation needed]

From 2013 into 2014, the Renegade Broadcasting shows featured Hunt, Titorenko, "Siegfried", and "Dana Antiochus" (alias of Dana Roccapriore).[citation needed] In October 2013, the group released a documentary of a toure they called the "Renegade Roadshow", which had been crowd-funded via IndieGoGo.[11] The documentary included appearances by Kevin MacDonald, Charles Krafft and John Morgan, among others. The cover-art for the documentary features racist caricatures, and depicted Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center tied to the roof of a car.[citation needed]

White Man March

In March 2014, Hunt and Renegade promoted the concept of a "White Man March", where autonomous groups of White people were supposed to go out in public places on that day with placards and leaflets bearing phrases such as "Diversity = White Genocide", at undisclosed locations. In an interview with Vice's Dave Schilling, Hunt said that he was motivated to propose this because White people are "discriminated against, mocked, displaced, and violently attacked, all of which amount to White genocide."[12] At the time of the March, Hunt claimed to be a supporter of William Daniel Johnson's American Freedom Party.[12] Hunt was living in New York City at the time, where he planned to hold this march. Hunt encouraged people to dress in "a pair of light khakis and a nice dress shirt" as part of their public relations.[13][14] According to David Neiwert of the Southern Poverty Law Center, the event attracted negligible numbers of people, but had gatherings in New York City, Florence, Kentucky, Tempe, Arizona, Birmingham, Alabama, Branson, Missouri and Olympia, Washington.[15] According to Neiwert, the autonomous march in Kentucky, organised by former National Alliance leader, Robert Ransdell, was subject to particular derision due to the presence of two unidentified individuals in Ku Klux Klan uniforms.[15] Hunt had planned to advocate these kind of events monthly, but changed his mind in April 2014.[16][17]

Following the White Man March, Titorenko publicly broke with Hunt, and several other contributors had also left.[citation needed] Hunt expanded and recruited other former Oracle Broadcasting hosts as replacements and moved from hosting on BlogTalkRadio to hosting their content on their own site


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