Ride This Night

Ride This Night
First edition
Author Vilhelm Moberg
Country Sweden
Language Swedish
Genre Historical
Publisher Bonniers
Publication date
Media type Print

Ride This Night (Swedish:Rid i natt) is a Swedish historical novel by Vilhelm Moberg which was first published in 1941. The novel is set in the Seventeenth century, portraying Sweden as being occupied by the Germans. The novel helped to encourage anti-Nazi sentiment in neutral Sweden by drawing a parallel with Germany's occupation of much of Europe during the Second World War.


In 1942 the novel was made into a film entitled Ride Tonight! directed by Gustaf Molander and starring Lars Hanson, Oscar Ljung and Gerd Hagman.[1] Moberg adapted his own novel for the screenplay. In 1985 the novel was turned into a miniseries Ride This Night.


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